KOICA provides PPE for COVID-19 to Africa CDC

ADDIS ABABA– Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), Ethiopia Office has delivered Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for COVID-19 to the Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC) on February 21, 2022.

KOICA sent press release to The stated that African continent like other regions in the world has been severely affected by COVID- 19.

In response, KOICA secured personal protective equipment items like face masks, N95 respirators, hand sanitizers, automatic touch less hand dispensers, and field jackets for Africa CDC staffers.

The total support for COVID -19 equipment worth of 31,000 USD in grants and is part of a larger five-year development project (2021-2024) “Hepatitis Prevention and Control Program in Africa”, funded by KOICA, as to KOICA.

The COVID-19 response activities aim to contribute to Africa CDC’s efforts to combat COVID-19 in the African continent and strengthen capacity to protect Africa CDC and African Union staffers from COVID-19.

The press release also added such initiative is also aligned with the Africa CDC continental strategy which focuses on enhancing COVID-19 Prevention Monitoring, and Treatment (PMT).

The provision of COVID-19 PPE, furthermore, upholds partnership between the Republic of Korea and the African Union.


The Ethiopian   24 February  2022

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