Land of miracles


Located at east African corridor,

On the way to Red sea resisting regional blander,

Strategic site, the would be influential area,

Circumventing interference and trivial meddling,

Comprising Oromia,

Parcel of myriads of tourism, rich natural resources,

A huge population, numerous services,

Incorporating Amhara, a place of too many,

Historical sites with ancient glory,

Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’ Region,

An extraordinary space with mesmerizing peace,

Both in terms of resource as well as population,

Here come,

Somalia, Afar and Tigray,

On which all Ethiopians can confidently rely,

All these house a number of citizens with firm fraternity,

With courageous move and bond surety,

We can also cite others,

Such as Gambella, Benishangul,

For all citizens in all circumstance to be equal,

There is an East star named Harari, too,

 This great nation has also comprised the other two,

Dire Dawa and Addis Ababa,

City administrations,

Of them the latter always drives the wheel of the nation well,

It is the bull’s eye where all citizens dwell,

There are also the newly born ones,

Manifestations of federalism,

Reliable avenues towards inherent patriotism,

Sidama and South West states,

All the eleven ones with definite and equal status,

Bravo motherland! Long live Ethiopia!

Let countries and people with your growth phobia,

Shout and try all their best,

So as to defame you, belittle your sons and daughters courage,

As they developed an irreversible Adwa grudge,

Time is now coming for Ethiopia,

Time is now coming for Africa,

To run activities with no corrigendum,

To be determinant actor on its own agendum,

You are the land of bravery, affluent scene,

Hospitable citizenry, unified humanity,

At home and from abroad,

To make all the future good,

 Congratulations Ethiopia!

The land of discovery, place of coexistence,

Peace-loving and smart people since their ancestors,

You are an incredible expanse,

East African icon and continental pride,

With responsible administration as well as bright guide,

Your dam is going to give birth,

Despite your enemies wished you a permanent dearth,

It is time now for you to well coordinate and rise,

All your sons and daughters to make a difference,

To equate yourself with developed countries,

 Why not with the West and US,

Everything is at your hand,

Ethiopia, you are all time grand!

An affluent Estate, glorious land,

Long live Ethiopia!

Long live your people,

You are priceless, you are too costly,

Burn all your enemies, and make all nations your ally!

Whom they have wished you growth, peace and change

With no shillyshally,

Everyone is tired of listing what Ethiopia owns,

As it all the time is land of miracles.

May God/Allah be with you all the time!

Since you are precious and all weather prime.

The January 15/2022

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