Latest ambassadorial appointments go along with reform : MoFA


ADDIS ABABA– The recent ambassadorial appointments have been carried out in line with the reform to strengthen the country’s relation with abroad apart from taking into account the appointees’ ability, carrier and experience, said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA).

MoFA Spokesperson Dina Mufti yesterday said that the newly-appointed ambassadors would protect and defend national interest of the country and also strengthen Ethiopia’s diplomatic relations with countries across the globe.

The ambassadors are appointed based on study including their carrier and experience, he said. Likewise, the appointment is made considering the ability of the individuals and also the reform process being undertaken for the past three years. The appointment includes both resident and non-resident ambassadors, he indicated.

It was learnt that President Sahlework Zewde has lately appointed 27 ambassadors, out of the appointed ambassadors , 16 are extraordinary and plenipotentiary Ambassadors

Talking about the terrorist TPLF’s recent fresh attack in Afar state , Amb. Dina said that due to the attack , the delivery of humanitarian assistance to the region has been blocked . “The WPF humanitarian trucks that were heading to Tigray were forced to return from their way to Tigray state due to the fresh attack being launched by the terrorist TPLF group in Ab’ala area of the Afar state.”

He urged the the international community to condemn the act of the terrorist group by hindering the humanitarian aid to the state as TPLF is using hunger as a weapon of war in Tigray for the sake of political gain.

The January 28/2022

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