Life is not a fairytale

Living without knowing
Eating without tasting
Walking without moving
Hearing without understanding
Seeing without noticing
Loving without caring
Touching without feeling
Talking without thinking
Forgetting the meaning of life
Standing in the crowd
Trying to stay calm
Trying to stay alive
Never turning around
Never looking forward
Fighting with our thoughts
Blaming the whole world
For our own faults
Time moves alone
Days keep passing on
But we’re still hanging on
Doing nothing to survive
Just hoping not to die
Following the same style
Every day and every time
Wishing for luck to come
To save us from the bad
And make sure things are fine
But life is not a fairytale
Magic don’t happen in the real world
Things will only go right
When we stand up and fight
To get our freedom back
And do what we can
By never giving up
Never wait for a miracle
To turn everything right
Coz we can only get what we want
When we trust each other
And work together as one.

BY Tsion Yehuala

The Ethiopian   18  February  2022

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