“Liyu Milketa” forum to deliberate on entrepreneurship challenges, opportunities

ADDIS ABABA- Biruhminds Social and Business Consult has organized a new combined consultation platform known as “Liyu Milketa” aimed at creating conducive entrepreneurship and job creation opportunities in Ethiopia.

Briefing the media in connection with the event, Biruhminds Social and Business Consult Senior Program Coordinator Lemmawork Lapiso said that the company will hold consultations with policy makers from key government institutions, private stakeholders, civil societies, youths and women, among others on how to promote entrepreneurship in the country.

An integrated Public Private Partnership (PPP) is fundamental to stimulate entrepreneurship and enable the growing number of youths join new jobs, he said. As to him, the company will held various policy advocacy consultations with pertinent stakeholders. “Currently, the youth groups are facing different challenges regarding finding jobs

starting new businesses, and expanding businesses. Low funding availability is the major hindrances towards creating jobs and starting entrepreneurship.” Moreover, the growing numbers of Industrial Parks (IPs), government’s commitment to ease of doing business, availabilities of latest technologies are the major opportunities to facilitate job creation and entrepreneurship in the country, he noted.

Accordingly, ICT, agriculture, manufacturing, mining, and tourism, among others are the major sectors prioritized by the Ethiopian government to create numerous jobs to the youths and women.


The Ethiopian   19 February  2022

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