Maintain unity: A message from Ambrose R. King, Ras Awa in connection to the Victory of Adwa


Ambrose R. King, a.k.a (by his baptized Ethiopian name) christened here Woldesilase is a representative for the Ethiopian World Federation Incorporated, a civil society organization comprising Ethiopians at home and abroad and registered in Ethiopia but international in scope.

Self-determination is our ambition, said Ambrose King during an exclusive interview with The at the Headquarters of the Ethiopian Press Agency in connection with the 126th edition of the Victory of Adwa. Ethiopia and Africa at large have all the resources they need. And this plan to build the GERD on the Nile became operational when the situation became conducive and the previous regime saw that the time to launch the project was right for Ethiopia to utilize its own natural resources. The cry went out because of the refusal of the western monetary institutions; it went out by bonds to finance our project.

The contribution of the diaspora through bonds started. I myself purchased the bonds representing our association. International hundreds of thousands of bonds were purchased in the diaspora. That is how we showed our help and support for this grand project.

Ethiopia is special to the black peoples of the world for the fact that it has never been conquered and never been colonized. Secondly, it is the cradle of civilization; I believe this is the land of promises. Thus, anything affecting Ethiopia, black people in the world would follow it. The black people are following the building of the Dam because our desire is to return the greatness of Ethiopia in the continent of Africa.

When Ethiopians defeated the fascist Italian troops, the news had spread like wildfire around the world. This inspired us, it was not seen as only Abyssinian victory over Italian but we saw it as black people’s victory over white people’s domination.

Ever since I started living in Ethiopia, I feel as if I just breathe the freedom. I feel I have just begun to live among the people that have never been subjugated, self-determined and proud. For us (Jamaicans) when we become a country, the only place to look into as per our understanding was free, independent and unconquered was Ethiopia.

For me, I am among my family, learning my own language, culture, so for me it was a country of dreams.

Another Ras Tafarian, Ras Awa, who studied economic law in the Success Business College, Toronto, Canada for his part stated that he made his obligation to start reading about Ethiopia early in his childhood. I started to read about some famous Ethiopians, Emperor Tewodros, Emperor Menelik-II, Empress Taitu, Ras Alula Abanega, the legend of the battle of Dogali, Ras Mekonen, the divinity of Emperor Haileslassie-I and so many.

He stated that he has been studying how Ethiopia has taken shape starting from the ancient time.

The Reggae stars also stated that music and especially the reggae stars in Ethiopia should work on unifying its citizens as music has unifying power even more than the politicians. Music is conscious, active and positive, they stressed.

The unconquered history of Ethiopia is the result of its unity. Finally, Ambrose King called upon the African nationals to come home and create a United States of Africa.

Maintain unity, don’t fall for the propaganda. United Africa with certain sovereignty in it is a must in Africa, according to the Ras Tafarian.



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