Malinowski bill likely to rupture Ethiopia–U.S. long-standing relations: Political analyst

ADDIS ABABA – The Biden Administration’s approach to Ethiopia and notably the proposed ‘Ethiopia Stabilization, Peace and Democracy Act’ (H.R. 6600), which calls for U.S. intervention in Ethiopia’s conflict would significantly unravel the two countries’ long-standing relations, a senior political analyst claimed.

Speaking to The , the political analyst Ephrem Madebo said that all the Third World countries that the U.S. government has intervened in the name of supporting peace and building democracy have been turned to places of violence and disorder.

 According to the papers of U.S. think-tank groups, policy makers, and others, the Biden Administration’s approach to the current Ethiopian government has a negative spillover impact in the Horn of Africa, East Africa and Third World countries at large.

“I do not understand why the U.S. wants to issue such an inappropriate bill at a time when the relation between the two countries is showing improvements. Members of the Biden Administration may look for alternatives as the terrorist TPLF group has not been able to regain power.”

Ephrem stressed that the U.S. government had to condemn and banned the TPLF as it was the main instigator of the conflict and responsible for all the atrocities in Ethiopia. Since federal government’s declaration of unilateral cease-fire in Tigray, the terrorist TPLF group, by invading Amhara and Afar states, have been committing heinous crimes against the civilian population.

And recently, although the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) and allied forces decided to halt their advance to Tigray, the criminal faction is expanding the conflict into Afar and Amhara states and attacking civilians. The clique is also hampering the delivery of humanitarian assistance to Tigray.

As instability in one country is a threat to another, the world should compel the rebellious group to accept peace options and halt belligerence. Ethiopia’s instability is not only a threat to East Africa but also to the continent and it is unthinkable to bring peace by weakening a legitimate government. “If the U.S. government wants peace and stability in Ethiopia, it must work with the legitimate counterpart instead of imposing irrational pressures,” the analyst emphasized.

Noting the bill has been encountered with stiff resistance from Ethiopians and Eritreans in the Diaspora, he expressed optimism that the Senate would not pass the proclamation.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Dina Mufti stated that imposing illogical measures against Ethiopia by ignoring the current situation in the country and relying on disinformation is not the answer to peace and stability. Although the H.R. 6600 bill is in progress, it is detrimental to the long-standing diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Ambassador Dina also said that members of the Diaspora must continue to intensify their previous struggle to ensure that the draft bill is not passed.

In the meantime, the #NoMore Movement disclosed that it condemns in the strongest terms possible the bill which calls for hostile U.S. intervention in the ongoing conflict in Ethiopia. Millions of adherents of the #NoMore movement, concentrated in strategic urban centers across the U.S., plan to mobilize U.S. citizens to remove all sponsors of H.R. 6600 from office. They are also ready to exercise their democratic rights against all parties that openly or tacitly endorse the deadly neocolonial actions of the Biden Administration against the people of the Horn of Africa.

“We hope U.S. officials involved in forwarding the recent hostile measures against the Horn of Africa will reverse course and pursue corrective measures in the interest of U.S. and African citizens alike,” coordinators of the Movement remarked.



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