Meanness at its zenith


The terrorist TPLF and its kindred spirit, Shene group have been working jointly aiming to disrupt the peace and security of the people, disintegrate the nation, thereby serve their interest, if possible. To make their senseless objectives a reality, they have committed heightened inhuman crimes.

The terrorists have killed dozens of civilians, exposed peoples to greater sufferings including sexual violence and massive displacements; widespread destruction of public and private properties.

Sharing the same wicked intentions, the rebels have plundered, destroyed educational and health facilities, hotels and banks and warehouses. Not only that, but ancient cultural and religious assets that the people valued most were also looted; burned and wrecked in a manner it exposed groups’ recklessness for the public.

In their short lived in some areas, the groups (both terrorist TPLF and Shane) looted, burned and destroyed religious institutions. Among others, Kadabur Rahma Mosque, located in Chifra Town, Afar State is the one.

Sheikh Ibrahim Mohammed, residences of Chifra Town and former Madrasa students speak about the incidence perpetrated by TPLF fighters in broken heart and deep sorrow.

As to them, the Mosque apart from being center of worship, it used to be Madrasa for the generation. Even now children attend their education in it.

However, as you can see it now, it is burned and wrecked. No matter how worse the war is, such kind of religious institution would not be attacked. This one and other religious institutions ought not to be destroyed on such away. However, fighters of TPLF aside from dehumanizing the people, looting and burning individuals and public properties, destroyed cruelly religious institutions, holy books and Kitabs.

They have burned Kitabs and Holy Quran, Hadith and Fiki which we were used to teach children. The Mosque itself wrecked. A group that dares to committee such crime has no any sense of humanity, does not know the value or basis of religion.

When they entered the town, they were saying they are our administrators. They said you have no other government. Later, they started threatening us. They robbed our cellular phone and money from our pockets. They have also beaten and slayed many people, saying, “You have hide money and other possessions.”

Until the national force control the area, they perpetrated inhuman crimes on civilians, and attacked religious institutions. The criminal group should be crushed once and for all.

Sheikh Mohammed Abdu, Imam of Wawa, was in the town for some times being guest of the Mosque. As to him, the Mosque is a public utility. It is a place of worship. Therefore, no one should burn a mosque, no matter how bad the conflict is.

Destroying and plundering the property of individuals and government is a serious crime, and burning and destructing such places of worship and teaching places is a serious an unacceptable act. This kind of harassment carried out on religious institutions is considered as great attack not only against the followers of the faith; but also on people of all faiths. Attacks on mosques are more than death dealing, especially for Muslims.

Thus, such attack is considered a crime against the entire Muslim population. It is also unforgettable incident for Muslims because there is no any violence other than desecrating and destroying mosques; and burning the Qur’an, he reiterated.

Sheikh Ahmed Musa, Imam of Kadabur Rahma Mosque, said that during the time the terrorists invaded the town, they destroyed a number of private property and government facilities. They have also attacked mosques in the town; looted and destroyed its possessions.

“The mosque is not political or other government institution. It belongs to Allah; Holy Qur’an and Kitabs are not government policy documents; rather they are the words and commands of Allah.” Firing and damaging mosques with heavy artilleries; burning the Holy Qur’an and books is like fighting with Allah.”

Junta’s actions are not thing expected from humans; and any religious person. Their acts demonstrate as they have no concern about religion; expose the nature of the terrorist group and their satanic personality.

“It is because an act that contradicts from human nature, we must stand as one and thwart the group,” he remarked.

The terrorist group, apart from the Deburah Rahma Mosque; it inflicted similar damage on the Sunnah Mosque, plundered Mosque’s properties. Residents of the town also told the Ethiopian Press Agency that another new mosque in the town was being used as a treatment center for injuries.

In similar manner, Shene, the kindred spirit of TPLF, destroyed the ancient Chobe Debre Medhanit Medhanialem Monastery located in west Shoa Diocese, Chobe Woreda. As villagers uttered, the Monastery was established in 1875.

According to Priest Tefera Demissie, servant of the Monastery, the rebels destroyed several houses and facilities in the town and burned the ancient Monastery which had been the only church in the area.

He said the Monastery, which was founded by a local father known as Bulto Toure, had reserved several treasures, ancient parchment books. Other belongings of the Monastery also had been looted by the terrorist group, he added.

The January 15/2022

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