Measures for containing the pandemic

China has made a great contribution to fight this pandemic and got a significant achievement. In the meantime, the people in China cooperate with the government positively all the time, so we have accumulated effective experiences even though this virus mutates constantly.

1. The measures to contain the pandemic within China Take three steps I. Have epidemiological investigation The patient, with fever, cough, sore throat and diarrhea as the symptoms of the having cold, should have nucleic acid test to make sure whether they are infected by COVID-19 virus or not.

If the testing result is positive, the patient should be traced immediately in the past 14 days, then the local Diseases Control and Prevention Center releases his tracks on the Medias at once to find out the close contracts. In addition, the virus gene sequence is tested to analyze and seek the source of infection to cut the transmission as soon as possible.

Certainly, the patients are sent to the appointed hospitals for treatment, and the close contracts must be isolated at the designated hotels at once for 14 days for medical observation and have nucleic acid test regularly, and have another 7 days’ home quarantine if necessary. Also, the families’ members of the close contacts should be isolated at home for 14 days.

The closed-loop management for the patients with COVID-19 virus, the close contracts and the resource of infection is an effective way to prevent the virus from spreading. II. Lockdown the relevant areas Close temporarily the places where the patients work and had activities during the previous 14 days, and the people in these areas and their families members are restricted to do something in certain areas for 14 days, and also undergo nucleic acid test every other day in the coming 14 days. III. Check health QR code Health Quick Response Code can be downloaded into the mobile phone and display its owner’s tracks in the past 14 days, and it can reveal three colours: green, yellow and red. Health QR code is the last line of defense, and people must show it wherever they go, such as taking public transportation, going shopping, going to restaurants and the like. Green code is a safe signal.

Yellow code shows that the person has been to the epidemic areas or has been likely to contact with the patients with COVID-19 virus. Red code warns that the following possible happen in the previous 14 days: first, somebody in your living or working area has infected COVID-19 virus. Second, you have been to the epidemic areas. Third, you have contacted with patients with COVID-19 virus.

The patients with green code can go anywhere freely, and the people with yellow should be forbidden to go anywhere and stay at home for 14 days. And the ones with red should be isolated for 14 days. Moreover, if someone go somewhere by trans-province within the territory, he should show the negative report of nucleic acid test within 48 hours.

2. The measures for the people, goods and package from abroad People from any other countries should have 14+7 days’ isolation, that is to say, they should be isolated for 14 days at the appointed hotels for medical observation and 7 days’ self-quarantine, with having nucleic acid test regularly.

Goods are imported along with the reports of disinfection and nucleic acid test, and should undergo sample check when they arrive at ports. In particular, in the cold-chain logistics, the workers must be protected strictly during their loading, unloading and transportation, and the storage should be at the designated places.

The package from abroad should be disinfected, and the operators must be protected properly. All the countries in the world are interconnecting closely in many ways now, as long as human being work together to fight this pandemic, we are sure to get success.


The 13 February 2022

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