Media calls for Diasporas to oppose H.R. 6600 bill

ADDIS ABABA– EriStaruk Media has called for a coordinated effort of the members of Ethiopians, Eritrean and Somali Diasporas in the U.S. to successfully defend their respective countries against H.R. 6600 bill passed by House Foreign Affairs Committee, and U.S. aggression as well.

The bill has directed the U.S. government to limit development aid and visa issuance specifically targeted the governments of Ethiopia and Eritrea, and passed based on the mistaken conviction taking the countries’ aid need, as weak side, into account, media said.

As the bill would like to get Ethiopia imposed in many aspects, the government, citizens, and the Diasporas of the Horn of Africa have to move in unison to well avert the move.

The three countries have the right to pursue their own political vision for the Horn of Africa since they bring better collective peace prosperity and growth to the region and refuse to talk with terrorist organization, media stated.

#NoMore movements have millions of supporters reside in strategic urban centers across the world and should mobilize the U.S. citizens to remove all sponsors of H.R. 6600 from office and exercise their democratic rights against the tacitly supporting Biden administration’s and neo-colonial actions for the sake of the people of the Horn of Africa.

But, representatives Malinowski Kim, McCall Meeks Sherman and Cicelini know that the popular #NoMore movement is unified and ready to mobilize the global masses against these recent acts of hostility toward the peoples and governments of the Horn of Africa.

Biden’s administration and the sponsors of H.R. 6600 ignore terrorist TPLF’s severe atrocities and its stubborn stance to accept the ceasefire in June 2021 and offensive acts in Afar and Amhara states.

The U.S. administration has deliberately been mute about the Terrorist TPLF’s association with terrorist Shene forces and their targeted mass executions of ethnic Amhara and Afar.

Despite the fact that Eritrea is specifically identified in the law and already the target of harsh economic sanction, the African union assembly clearly opposed sanctions and unilateral coercive measures on African countries during its 35th session and reaffirmed its solidarity with member states.



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