MfM allocates 900 mln. Birr for humanitarian, rural dev’t projects


ADDIS ABABA – Menschen fur Menschen (MfM) Foundation disclosed that it has approved over 15 million euro (900 million Birr) for humanitarian and integrated rural development projects in Ethiopia for the 2022 budget year.

During yesterday press conference, MfM Foundation’s Executive Board Member and Speaker Sebastian Brandis (Ph.D.) reassured the continued commitment for Ethiopia by expanding to new areas and additionally addressing relief support for internally displaced people in the northern and drought affected community in eastern part of the country.

As to him, in the budget year, the foundation will prioritize sustainable land management water and youth job creation. Equivalently, the education and human development activities will also be kept in regular basis, he added. MfM Foundation Country Representative YilmaTaye on his part explained that out of the 900 mln. Birr budget: 112 mln.

Birr is allocated for sustainable land management, 107 mln. Birr for water, 283 mln. Birr education, 50 mln. Birr for health, 51 mln. Birr for human development, 58 mln. Birr for youth job creation, 145 mln. Birr for emergency and 94 mln. Birr for administration.

He further stated that MfM played significant role in relief operations in the northern Ethiopia investing above 85 mln. Birr. Similarly, it will also be committed in rehabilitation program of internally displaced people in the north and drought affected community in east and south-eastern part of the country.

It was stated that the foundation has been implementing multi-sector integrated rural development programs: among others included sustainable land management, agricultural development, social development and capacity building.

And, its development projects are pro-poor and gender sensitive focusing on improvement of livelihoods, environment protection, and capacity building of the needy ones.

MfM is currently running 12 integrated rural development projects, two employment generation projects, one agro technical and Technology College, and one children home across Ethiopia providing development and humanitarian assistance, it was also disclosed.


The Ethiopian   24 February  2022

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