Ministry pledges more support for women war victims


ADDIS ABABA– Consolidated efforts have been undertaken to rehabilitate scores of women that have been affected by the northern conflict and help them to pursue a productive life, the Ministry of Women and Social Affairs disclosed.

Speaking to The , Senior Communication Expert with the Ministry Alemayehu Mamo said this year’s commemoration of the International Women’s Day (March 8) has been marked by putting the suffering of women in the northern conflict at the forefront. Hence, the ministry has been celebrating the festival through creating a theme ‘’ I care for my sister”.

Noting the ministry created its own theme to mark the international event in a manner that magnifies the situation of the country, Alemayehu indicated at international level, the day is marked under the theme :“Gender Equality today for a sustainable tomorrow.” The theme is deliberately created by the ministry to direct the stakeholders’ attention to affected women.

The expert stressed that the ministry has been prioritizing five things to rehabilitate the victims of the conflict at national level and provide sustainable care and support for all women in the country. Women emergency support, fund raising, strengthening one window service providing centers, Women Cooperative Unions and women associations are the five main areas the ministry has been engaging in.

As to him, the government has been providing material and psychological support for those women affected by the conflict and established a committee that comprises public officials as well as health, psychology and other experts that would facilitate the rehabilitation of the former. “While celebrating the festival, the ministry provides special emphasis for one window service providing centers because the strength of these centers is very crucial to recover the victims from their trauma. Meanwhile providing justice and medical support for affected women is something we give equal consideration.”

Meanwhile ,in her message in connection with March 8, WHO Regional Director for Africa, Dr.Matshidiso Moeti said women and girls, especially those living in rural, poor and remote vulnerable areas in low- and middle-income countries, including Small Island Developing States, are more susceptible to changing climatic conditions. Due to their gender, they bear a disproportionate burden of the effects of climate change in their social and reproductive roles.

The Director stressed that in Africa, increasing incidence of extreme weather conditions means women and girls devote time that could be better spent on productive ventures catering to the basic needs of their families. To address the challenges, gender-responsive action is needed, along with equitable development that recognizes and addresses the particular vulnerability of women and girls to the consequences of climate change, she remarked.

The March 8/2022

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