Ministry says TPLF damages 40 hospitals in Amhara

  • WHO, donors support insignificant

 ADDIS ABABA-The terrorist TPLF deliberately targeted health establishments and has damaged 40 hospitals, 500 health centers and over 1,200 health care institutions in the Amhara State, the Ministry of Health disclosed.

Health State Minister Dereje Duguma (MD) told the Ethiopian Press Agency (EPA) that the ministry has carried out a study to determine the level of the damage the criminal faction caused in medical institutions. The study would be documented and presented to global partners to inform the latter the intensity of the damage and garner the support.

“Determining the total amount of damage TPLF forces have caused in health institutions of the Amhara State is a time taking task and meticulous efforts are underway to make the study accurate and comprehensive. The findings of the study will be published at international media outlets.”

Noting TPLF’s belligerence mainly targeted public service organizations and has caused immense destruction and lootings of health institutions, the state minister highlighted that the World Health Organization (WHO) and other donor groups’ response in this regard is largely insignificant. Accordingly, the government has made attempts to exploit the local capacity to rebuild and restore the damaged facilities.

Due to the rigorous efforts of the Health Minister and other relevant actors, over 30 health institutions were restored and recommenced operation providing medical treatment for the public. The next task is also rebuilding and restoring all the damaged and looted health institutions with pertinent stakeholders and getting back the facilities to service, Dereje remarked.



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