MoFA appreciates Diaspora national call response


ADDIS ABABA – Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) stated that the response the Ethiopian Diaspora Community has given to the national call is very promising and beyond expectation as it becomes potential to recover country’s reputation.

Having a stay with local media, MoFA State Minister Birtukan Ayano said that the Diaspora is always active in responding to the quest of their motherland. They have particularly shown keen interest in visiting the country resisting all unnecessary pressures, exposing fake news, and supporting the interests of their country over the past one plus year.

According to the State Minister, the Ethiopian Diaspora community is playing a significant role in supporting the displaced citizens, the national army families as well as building the destroyed infrastructures.

She further added that the Diaspora community would play a fundamental role in letting know Ethiopia’s reality and telling the international community that the country is capable of solving its problem through domestic mechanisms after returning host countries.

Ethiopian Diaspora Agency Communication Director, Wondosen Girma on his part said that numbers of Diaspora are entering Ethiopia from different parts of the world. Their coming will continue till next year, and Ethiopia has hospitably accepted guests this month.

As to the Communication Director, various events will be held in Addis Ababa and in various states. In this regard, the Agency will organize exhibitions, symposiums, and sport carnivals in different parts of the capital. Similarly, the Diaspora community will visit the Amhara and Afar states which seriously affected by the terrorist TPLF aggression. “The country received 1.6 billion USD from Diaspora over the last five months,” the Ethiopian Diaspora Agency announced.

The January 2/2022

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