MoFA provides insights into 35th AU Summit

ADDIS ABABA – Apart from building Ethiopia’s image in the international arena, holding of the 35thAU Summit in Ethiopia will have economic, political and diplomatic implications for the host country, according to Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia (MoFA).

Meanwhile, MoFA called on Ethiopians to show friendliness for their African brothers and sisters as usual to make the guests feel that Ethiopia is their second home.

MoFA Spokesperson Ambassador Dina Mufti told local media that although some groups have been working hard to prevent the meeting from taking place in Addis Ababa, members of the African Union (AU) have decided to hold the 35th AU Summit here.

And, the decision to hold the summit here is the result of the relentless diplomatic efforts of Ethiopia with the support of African brothers and sisters, he added.

He further stated that this is a great victory for Ethiopia, and it helps Ethiopia to convey the message that Ethiopia is a resilient country.

According to Amb. Dina, the decision has ashamed those who had been working day and night to tarnish Ethiopia’s image internationally. The holding of the conference has also various implications for Ethiopia. It will as well play an important role in stimulating the tourism sector, he noted.

National committee has been set up and various activities are being carried out here on the spirit of Africanism, he said, adding that Ethiopia is a country with great experience in organizing this conference.

“We [Ethiopians)have to show our long-aged tradition of hospitality to our African brothers and sisters who have shown their solidarity with us in this time of need,” he indicated.“I am sure we will do that.”

Many of African countries understand Ethiopia’s role in maintaining African unity, sovereignty, and peace and security, as to him.



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