MoT strives for tourism sector restoration

 Ministry of Tourism (MoT) revealed that it has been carrying out various activities to restore the tourism sector which had been seriously affected by COVID-19 pandemic and instability.

MoT State Minister Selamawit Dawit told The that the tourism sector is one of the seriously affected sectors by COVID -19 pandemic and instability in Ethiopia. Besides, Visa restriction and some western media propaganda that aimed at tarnishing Ethiopia’s image were serious challenges for the tourism sector. However, MoT has been exerting its full potential to restore the normal momentum of the sector, as it is now actively engaging in promoting the Goregora and Koysha Projects in a bid to realize maximum benefit out of them.

According to her, many countries are working on a recovery plan to restore the tourism sector affected by the CVD-19 pandemic. Depending on the level of the impact on the sector, MoT has prepared two years of recovery plan centering domestic tourism in this regard.

“The Diaspora in the Great HomecomingChallnge and AU summit has played a significant role in motivating the tourism sector,” she noted.

She further said that MoT is promoting the Goregora and Koysha projects, which will be inaugurated in the coming September. It also focuses on rebranding of the pervious destinations and making packages for the coming six months to ensure the significant outcome out of the sector. It means that the sector is helping beef up cultural ties, increase economic trajectory and enhance tolerance among tourists.

“Though Goregora and Koyesha have huge natural resources, residents haven’t had sufficient benefit over the last many years.

 However, the projects will have manifold advantages in maximizing business, helping create more jobs and attracting investors after inaugurated,” the State Minister highlighted.

It is to be recalled that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) said, “Koyesha is uniquely situated in the green hills, rolling plains and lush forests of the South state. With the Koysha hydropower plant in progress and the Chebera Churchura National Park is situated at its vicinity, making this project a success in collaboration with the Dine for Ethiopia family is appreciable and is worth noting.”

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