Nation commemorates 85th Martyr’s Day

ADDIS ABABA – The 85th Martyrs Day was commemorated yesterday at Sidist Kilo Martyrs Memorial square.

The Martyr’s Day is commemorated annually to remember the horrendous massacre of over 30,000 Addis Ababa residents on 19 February 1937 by the invading Fascist Italian soldiers.

The Fascist soldiers perpetrated the massacre upon the order of their commander, General Rodolfo Graziani in retaliation to the assassination attempt by two young Ethiopian patriots, Moges Asgedom and Abraham Deboch.

During the memorial ceremony President of Ethiopian Patriots Association, Lij Daniel Jote said that all Ethiopians and residents of Addis Ababa should remember and honor those who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of their country. “We are commemorating this day to keep Ethiopian history alive so that the young generation can draw lessons on how to defend their nation.” “Ethiopia remains independent by the noble sacrifice our forefathers and mothers paid to fend off invaders.” Hence, the present generation must be aware of the history of fathers to defend Ethiopia’s sovereignty.

Ian Campbell, British Historian Specializing in Ethiopia with a focus on the Italian occupation told The that commemorating the Martyrs Day every year is important to remember the heritage which the city has today.

Many buildings and locations in this city are very historic and related to the occupation and massacre February 19. Hence, the heritage is not lost. Commemorating this day is very important to understand what happened

85 years ago and how many people sacrificed at the horrific event. The commemoration was held in the presence of Buzena Alkedir Addis Ababa City Council Deputy Speaker, patriots and other invited guests.


The Ethiopian   20 February  2022

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