Nation not reaping tourism sector benefit as expected: Scholars

ADDIS ABABA—Scholars stated that Ethiopia could hardly garner the benefit it should have secured out of myriads of tourism resources tapping the extensive natural and man-made tourist attractions as a result of the north instability.

Addis Ababa University Archeology and Heritage Administration Lecturer Mengistu Gobeze (PhD) said that if Ethiopia can use its domestic tourism, it will be able to create an income-generating capacity equal to that of other oil-producing countries. However, Ethiopia has not yet benefited much out of its numerous tourist attractions and tourism resources.

The experience of other countries is that when a country is in trouble for various reasons, domestic tourism serves as a way out of the problem, but Ethiopia has not done it yet as this approach is not acculturated, as local media reported. “Tourism has many stakeholders. It needs to create common forums to enable the

government, the local community, tour companies and other investors to work together.

Besides, it will be possible to earn the expected revenue out of the tourism sector if citizens work hard, Mengistu noted. Owner of Travel Enterprise Desalegn Mitiku said : “As there are challenges with regard to domestic tourism, we have been discussing them for a long time. However, lasting solution has not yet devised.

” Currently the government is expected to pay attention to domestic tourism as it could be used for revitalizing the sector when international tourism slows down.

As to him, people have to develop culture of tour in each school, association, and various organizations revitalize the domestic tourism sector and citizens have to be encouraged to know Ethiopia via strengthening clubs.

Desalegn further said that if the existing challenges revolving around the tourism sector are well addressed, it will be possible to reinvigorate the domestic tourism.


The 12 February 2022

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