National Dialogue to lay foundation for democracy

The politics of identity and resentment is stirring off the socio political demographic and psychological makeup of Africans as there had been deep seated quires and full conspiracies as a trap to lower the flag of betterment in the continent.

People with rapacious interest have sowed the seeds of discord on the fertile land of fraternity. For this reason, Africa has allowed its sovereignty to be violated; hence, some aliens have got a window of opportunity to rule in black skin. To avoid such a weed of humanity and coexistence, there is a dire need for finding platforms that should be considered.

Thus, time seemed to demand courage to go through humble, forgiveness and lay the foundation of democracy to the posterity in an authentic manner. Again indeed there is a big difference between content and essentiality in the process of state formation and nation building.

Be it is as it may, it is essential to sustain the country first despite worrisome and age-lon denigration and vengeance politics which has been rolling in Ethiopia under the guise of language, culture and religion.

The national dialogue and mutual consensus which is being initiated would alleviate problems of chronology and serves as a spring board for domestic and regional integration of the Horn and to properly address the geopolitical dynamics observed in the region. Courage is the way of living dangerously says an old tale from Eastern Philosophers. Hence, Africans living under the ticking time bomb must learn the best practice of South Africa.

Of course mighty men with great heart have the ability and the courage not to avenge but to accept the truth and reconcile complications for the betterment of the future.

In due course, Ethiopia has experienced and traveled under a precarious situation for beating the inflating ego of white men at the battle of Adwa though they seized Maxim gun first and countrymen processed shield and scimitar for closer formation and arrows and spears for distant target.

Meanwhile, they didn’t remain hand folded; rather they have been trying to disintegrate the country and fulfill their interest to defend their greedy interest over the volatile and geo-politically important region of the Horn.

The current war erupted in the Northern part of the country seemed to be an extension of the past and neo-colonial agenda aiming at instigating conflict among various ethnic groups.

Hence, despite loses of lives and distraction of property the whole people of the country have to give priority to sustaining the country and averting the dangerous moves of the western towards crippling the black symbol and ancient civilization.

The greedy elements come on the pretext of humanitarianism. But this is not to deny that there are problems in Ethiopia. In the opinion of the writer of this piece, they are not barbaric deeds exclusively given to Ethiopians, but they have been rather well reinforced by some western power and so called human-right organizations.

So this is not to disregard regime of democracy and violating the supremacy of law and order; the question that matters is rather emancipating the posterity to come from vengeance and equip them with intrinsic moral so that they could serve their country in mysterious magnetism building the Forum Ethiopians at it had been before.

Ethiopians have to learn a lot from the experience of South Africa in resolving scenarios and when things went on to the extent they can’t be resolved under procedural law, then it is very important to find a way out.

The South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) set up by the Government of National Unity to help deal with what happened under apartheid. The conflict during this period resulted in violence and human rights abuses from all sides.

No section of society escaped these abuses. As it had been registered in the course of history, vengeance has not helped nations.

In the case South Africans it was difficult to execute procedural law and effectuate law and order that is why our brothers there follow a more dynamic mechanism called truth and reconciliation, or in precise terms reconciliation, justice would perpetuate turmoil to the point it could not be averted.


The Ethiopian   15 February  2022

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