Nat’l Dialogue Commission transforms Ethiopia to peace: PM

• Decisions comply with Ethiopians’ will

ADDIS ABABA – The newly established National Dialogue Commission is to ensure peace and stability throughout the country by addressing the pressing problems from the grassroots, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) said.

Addressing the MPs yesterday, the Premier noted that the commission is established with a view to creating national consensus by narrowing the major disparities among the nations and ensuring peace in the country.

To this end, 11 commissioners were elected last week to create a conducive environment by discussing with each society across the country to create national consensus. They have no power besides creating national consensus and the Ethiopian people will make the final decision which is a referendum, he added.

The national dialogue needs to be all inclusive, participatory and there is no society which is going to be excluded from the dialogue.

“It is all about building the future of Ethiopia by healing the wounded history of the country which is beyond the party and individuals. It is not about the interest of a single party, individual or political party’s interest. The country which we are going to build is beyond our power or political party’s power and that’s why inclusive national dialogue is crucial.”

As to him, the most important thing needed in this inclusive national dialogue is honesty, the whole process needs to be clear; it must not be the system which opens the door for suspicion. Negotiation is a method of identifying problem-solving options and it is the upcoming all-inclusive national consultation and the appointed commissioners have simply been given the task of coming up with proposals; the Ethiopian people will make the final decisions.

This week the House of Peoples Representatives (HPR) approved a Proclamation recently to establish the Ethiopian National Dialogue Commission with a view to bring national consensus, sustainable peace, and reconciliation in the country through an inclusive dialogue.

The commission is expected to facilitate an inclusive dialogue to national consensus on key issues including peace and stability. Accordingly, more than 632 people have been nominated by various sections of the society to appoint commissioners of whom 42 individuals were shortlisted. The HPR, in its special session, appointed 11 commissioners of the Commission last week.


23 FEBRUARY 2022

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