No Spine Strong Enough!

Looking at all the mess in the world you wonder what God would have said if you have the chance to talk to him.

“Dear God, how do you explain all this?”

“How do I explain all what?”

“I mean how do you explain all the mess in the world? God, this world is no more that beautiful place you created.”

“Sorry, but by asking Me to explain your own mess are you implying I’ve anything to do with all that?”

“No! No!”

Yes! Yes! That’s what we are fond of doing, isn’t it? When things go down south, when the houses of sand we built for the price of multi-storied modern structures go crumbling down, our favorite sport is putting the blame elsewhere. Having blamed everything and everyone on this earth we have evolved to pointing in what we think is the direction of our Creator. So, while we, ourselves are making this

 world a shadow of its former, far better self, we don’t have spine enough to take admit, “Yes. We messed it up.”

The rich and the powerful are treating this world like it’s some playing doll of their kids’. Playing out almost every role form the ‘Savior Angel’ to the ‘Destroying Lucifer’ they have given themselves the unquestionable ‘right’ of calling the shots. ‘It’s us, or no one else!’

It takes one’s breath away to listen to all the threats coming for those who were supposed to be on the moral high ground. Those who seem to have everything they want and more and don’t seem content with others trying to make ends meet.

“God, the most inhumane are those who enjoy almost everything the earth offers and not those who are deprived off almost every single thing necessary for survival. God, how is this allowed to happen on your watch?”

“You tell me! You tell me why having all

 that you need to do everything you deny others from getting what they need.”

“God hearing you say that is wonderful! It means you know the situation we’re in. But God, that leaves me wondering why You remained an onlooker for so long knowing we’re the eye of the storm.”

“So, that’s what you guys think of me; an onlooker!”

“God, but what other thing can we think about when the bad guys are having it good while the meek and innocent continue suffering.”

“Are you telling me I’m responsible for that too?”

“No, it isn’t that.”

Yes. it’s that. Come on, admit it. That’s what takes most of our thinking time, blaming The Creator. “How can he do this to us?” “How can he not do something when the Lucifers of this world are going on a rampage to wipe us off the face of the


There is so much talk of peace and harmony that you would be pardoned for thinking that Shangri la thing is just a few blocks down. So much talk of working to bring mankind closer than ever; talk of building a world where the haves come to the rescue of the have-nots.

And after all that the next thing you hear is about the latest missiles which fly eight or ten times the speed of sound; about airplanes which seem to be making science fiction child’s play; about weapons which could make humanity history at the touch of a few buttons! Yes, this world is messier than we could have imagined and yet put the blame on everybody else except ourselves.

Yes, this world is getting messier; and all the fingers are pointing at us. The only thing is we don’t yet have the spine strong enough to carry responsibility.

Wish you a Happy Ethiopian Christmas!

The January 2/2022

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