#NoMore campaign: Modern-day anti-interventionist movement


Ethiopians and the oppressed peoples of the world have been fighting a just war against the interventionist policies of the modern-day imperialists. Over the last months, Ethiopians and renowned personalities from other countries worldwide have launched the #NoMore Movement which is now turning out to be the benchmark of anti-imperialism struggle.

Standing in solidarity with Ethiopians, the movement intends to counter-narratives and propaganda campaigns supported by the now-discredited media outlets. Fending off external pressure and interference in Ethiopia’s internal affairs lies behind the sacred mission of the movement.

The #NoMore Global Movement has been attracting more Africans and foreign nationals regarding western nations’ unfair intervention in Ethiopia and Africa.

Leaders of the movements have come to Addis Ababa as per the Great Ethiopian Homing Challenges. Activists from Kenya, Somalia, South Africa, and other countries joined the #NoMore movement leaders led by Ethiopians in Addis Ababa and partaking in symposiums and discussions.

Former Deputy Speaker of the Kenyan Parliament and politician, Farah Maalim and Somali Researcher and Political Analyst, Abdiwahab Abdisamad (Ph.D.) are in Addis to demonstrate their solidarity to Ethiopia in its struggle against the meddling of foreign powers.

Former Deputy Speaker of the Kenyan Parliament, Farah Maalim said that the Ethiopian government and people have been fighting against proxy war which is being intensified by the developed world saying that “It is exemplary to African, reported Ethiopian News Agency.

Africans from all corners to join Ethiopia’s neo-colonial struggle to say “no more”; otherwise, the whole continent would be facing a second wave of colonialism, he said.

“We don’t want African issues to be tackled and to be determined in other capitals like the Western capitals or the American capital. So we are saying no more interference in the internal affairs of the African continent. In this regard, Ethiopia has led the way in freeing the African people from the colonial mindset, of not trusting in their own decision,” Maalim noted.

The speaker also lauded the people and government of Ethiopia under the leadership of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Ph.D.), for being vigilant and rallying together in the toughest ongoing hybrid war, launched on Ethiopia by the US and some of its western allies.

Despite the fact that Africa has both sufficient and untapped natural resources, the deputy speaker underscored the continent has still remained under the exploitation of the Western countries and Africa is not in control of its own resources.

However, Maalim strongly argues it is time for Africa to take charge of its own affairs.

Appreciating Ethiopia’s decision which is working hard to thwart the threat whatever the risks, the speaker prophesied this struggle is going to be fired at one end, to any other end of the African continent.

Ethiopia would overcome all the difficulties that come from internal and external forces as well as the country would integrate not only the people of Ethiopia but also the people of the Horn of Africa.

“Now the conflict in the Northern part of the country in Tigray has been contained. We expect Ethiopians to begin rebuilding their own country. The country will integrate not only the people of Ethiopia but the people of the horn of Africa also by creating an economic block that will essentially become the biggest IGAD region trade block in the world.”

On his part, Somali Researcher and Political Analyst, Abdiwahab Abdisamad (Ph.D.) said the Western imperialists have now been seeking fragile Ethiopia and having a small puppet government.

Acknowledging that Africa is today under attack from Somalia to Senegal, however, he underlined that Ethiopia’s firm position on external pressure will serve as a wakeup call to the people of Africa to say no more neo-colonization of Africa.

“Africa is awake and we are not at the time of the 1960s or 70s. If you look at the Horn of Africa today, people from Ethiopia, Somalia, Eritrea, and other countries have read the same script and they come together against Western conspiracy. I think this has happened because of Ethiopia, and it is something to be proud of the country.”

The researcher further stated that Ethiopia is fighting a proxy war that has been inflicted by the United States of America and some European countries against the very existence of the country.

However, he is hopeful that Ethiopia will once again prove its symbol of liberation, overcoming the pressure of Western powers, and Africans will always remember it.

On Tuesday, the Ethiopian Diaspora Agency and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia have held a symposium on Pan-Africanism.

Dr. Samuel Tefera, from Addis Ababa University Center for African and Asian Studies tabled a paper on building Africa by reviving the ideals of Pan-Africanism and Engaging African Diaspora in Development projects.

He called on the African Diaspora to act as Ambassadors to Africa in dispelling false narratives on the continent and shaping the foreign policies of international actors toward Africa and transferring knowledge for the industrialization of the continent.

Be that as it may, recently, Uganda Pan-African Movement National Executive Chairman, Daniel Rugarama (Ph.D.) told the local media that the situation in Ethiopia is not just an Ethiopian case, and what is happening in Ethiopia is directly a matter of Africa. “We consider an attack whether it is internal or external on the Ethiopian soil, as an attack on Africa. An attack and dismantling whether ideologically or geographically on Ethiopia is indeed an attack and a very bad example to Africa. The historical importance of Ethiopia is beyond debate.”

He elucidated that Pan-Africanists are all aware that Ethiopia is not colonized and various attempts to do so did not succeed. As pan-Africanists, we are aware of the intention and we are behind the success being registered by Ethiopian forces against the group.

“Realizing that the rest of Africa must all come together and fight the common enemy because I can assure you that when critically look at the Tigray situation, it is not the people of Tigray who have been fighting. There is an invisible hand. Imperialists have already been at the helm of destabilizing Africa to make sure that Africa is kept in captive, in social, economic, political and other ways.”

State Minister Ambassador Birtukan Ayano said that Africans should celebrate their success for meeting some of the ideals of Pan-Africanism, citing resistance movements against racial discrimination, colonialism, and neo-colonialism.

“Changes in leadership in Ethiopia have never changed Ethiopia’s commitment and loyalty to African causes.”

By the same token, the State Minister thanked Africans and people of African descent for the solidarity that they have continued to show to Ethiopia in times of its needs, citing the 1935 mistreatment of Ethiopia by the League of Nations.

She further stressed that albeit Ethiopia was frequently dragged to the Security Council almost every month by some forces, it was the Africans and friends of Africa that rescued us from unjustified attacks.



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