#NoMore crucial for success of Pan-Africanism: Scholars

ADDIS ABABA- Lauding the role of the #NoMore movement to raise Africans’ awareness and encouraging them to stand together to defend the unwarranted pressures of third parties, social science academicians said the campaign is crucial for the success of the Pan-Africanism ideals.

Dire Dawa University Political Science Lecturer Surafel Getahun stated #NoMore, a new system of anti- neocolonialism movement has played a pivotal role in mobilizing the participation of African countries for the realization of Agenda 2063 agenda.

Noting Western–backed coup d’états would be a challenge for the realization of Agenda 2063, the expert advised the Ethiopian government to enhance its involvement for the success of the grand plan. Equal consideration should also be given to maintain Ethiopia’s peace and stability and solve internal problems by own capacity.

“The West is employing various mechanisms to divide Africa and the volatile situation of the Horn is a result of the interests of them. Ethiopia’s geostrategic location in the Red Sea, one of the world’s busiest trade routes, has also triggered the interference of superpowers in their quest of controlling the strategic region.”

Sharing the above, Addis Ababa University African and Asian Study Lecturer Getachew Kassa (PhD) said Africa’s voice should be heard in the international arenas in particular at the UN Security Council. Africa must be an autonomous continent and rely on the Pan-Africanism principles to this end.

For a member of the London-based platform Defend Ethiopia, Hawani Alem, Ethiopia needs to ensure fellow Africans active involvement thereby making its campaign for the continent bring the desirable outcomes. “Even though we Ethiopians are proud of our history, identity and others, we remain exclusive. Ensuring inclusiveness across the continent is a key to make Africa democratic and prosperous.”



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