# NoMore Movement opens new chapter in Africa’s neocolonial struggle


ADDIS ABABA – The #NoMore Movement has brought a new impetus to Africa’s freedom movement and revived the notion of pan-Africanism which has united the continent for the second time in fighting against neocolonialism, an expert in the issue said.

Speaking to The , Addis Ababa University History Assistant Professor Abebaw Ayalew hailed Ethiopians and foreigners of Ethiopian origin as well as friends of Ethiopia living abroad for holding the historic public rallies in 27 cities across the world under the motto “#NoMore” to protest the West’s unwarranted interference attempts.

The Diaspora has huge resources and could play a significant role in image building, economy, diplomacy and other frontiers. Citizen centered diplomacy is all about properly using the Diaspora community in a way to contribute to the diplomacy.

The Ethiopian Diaspora needs to encourage the involvement of other Africans in the #NoMore movement with a view to countering the U.S.-led coordinated and well-funded anti-Ethiopian campaign.

“The West is unhappy with new political dynamics in the Horn of Africa whereby the integration of member states has been solidified. Thus, the old global powers want to restore a puppet government led by their longstanding confidant TPLF and pursue regime change in Ethiopia.”

Africans should develop the courage and ability to decide on their matters and share Ethiopia’s success in the #NoMore movement that defies the Western long standing interventionist tendencies through active participation of the people and government, Abebaw emphasized.

Meanwhile, the scholar noted that the people and government of Ethiopia have been fighting the Western undue pressure aimed at meddling in their domestic affairs. “Apart from defending its national interest determinedly, Ethiopia has brought new ideas and models of change in Africa in 2021.”

Abebaw further stated that Ethiopia’s victory over the Italian invading forces in Adwa made the country among the founding members of different international organizations whilst many Africans suffered in the yoke of colonialism. Ethiopia extended historic support for many African independence movements and served the oppressed as the icon of freedom.

As to him, all of the external pressure stemmed from Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) wide range of reforms, in particular his rapprochement with Eritrea after two decades of no war no peace stalemate. The reform government also widened the political and media landscape, released political prisoners and revised oppressive laws, among many other successes.

“Abiy approached and helped Sudanese ruling generals and the opposition camp to ease the political crisis that has gripped the country since the overthrow of President Omar al-Bashir and it is a huge diplomatic victory. He also mediated the Kenya and Somalia dispute over a maritime territorial dispute.”

Ethiopia needs to diversify diplomatic relations and seek potential parties that would add value for its development in four corners of the globe rather than dangerously sticking to the Western world.

The January 1/2022

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