NoMore Movement provides impetus to realize strong Horn

ADDIS ABABA- Expressing delight in the alliance of Horn of Africa states, Eritrean- American well-known activist and one of the founders of #NoMore global Movement Simon Tesfamariam (MD) expressed his commitment to continue the struggle until the regional coalition gets durably strong.

Speaking to PFDJ Gothenburg, Simon said it has many indicators that the Horn is becoming strong at present. The activist has the experience to communicate with the Eritrean and Ethiopian communities in different parts of the world and exchanged views on different issues including the fight against external intervention and on ways to make the Horn stable.

As to him, he carried out various activities with different communities to ensure peace, prosperity, and integration in the strategic region. “Though the Horn of Africa has surplus resources, it is not adequately developed due to lack of integration, sanction, strong media and the like.”

Also, Simon employed a social media campaign to inform Eritrean and Ethiopian Diasporas about the Western destructive activities in the Horn. “If you have no nation, how could you have health care for the people? I returned to Asmara, to teach medicine and support the necessary items as well as report to the international community as to what is going on in Eritrea.”

Noting Ethiopian and Eritrean Diasporas have extended support to their fellow citizens and contribute for the peace and development of home countries, he indicated that partnership was made with some global entities to expose the corporate media’s lies about the two states. “Particularly, the #NoMore movement was a game changer in reversing the terrorist TPLF narrative with its some western payable media. It is clear that the terrorist TPLF supported by the U.S. However, the # NoMore movement exceeds his expectation and brings a lot of significance.”

The activist also teamed up with the well-acclaimed figures including Hermela Aregawi, Ann Garrison, Neamin Zeleke and Nebiyu Asefa in exposing TPLF’s false narrative and the hidden interest of some interest groups in the Horn.



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