# NoMore movement to campaign economic dev’t – Hermela Aregawi


ADDIS ABABA- #NoMore Global Movement will expand to other economic development issues particularly the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) to counter the coordinated and well-funded propaganda of some interest groups, a renowned journalist Hermela Aregawi disclosed.

In a press conference she gave here yesterday, Hermela, known for being one of the initiators of the #NoMore movement, said that there is a great commitment and desire to strengthen and expand the activity to other issues of national importance. Accordingly, various activities are underway to this end. The #NoMore movement conversation has also moved to other economic development matters as they have paramount importance in changing the livelihoods of the public.

“Economic development is a big agenda. The GERD propaganda is actually opening. Journalists must pay attention to it as it changes the lives of 100 million plus people. They can probably produce a million stories on GERD and we need to start now as entire propaganda coming from the outside.”

“As #NoMore Global Movement’s one-year anniversary is coming, we will do the same about GERD’s propaganda. It will be opened in the near future. We can go on the offensive. We can focus on people working in the area, job creation, energy and how it can change the lives of women and other communities,” she added.

Noting the #NoMore Global Movement is a way of thinking and doing something different to bring a change or improvement, the journalist noted that the movement will be expanded to a high level in development arenas. “There are opportunities to tell the real stories about Ethiopia for the world community. I am ready to make any kind of contribution for Ethiopia in a maximum effort by strengthening the movement and participating in any kind of activities.”

The January 23/2022

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