#Nomore sanctions on Ethiopia

Since the last one year, the US government,in connection with the conflict in the northern part of the country, has been imposing a number of unjustifiable sanctions on Ethiopia aiming to cripple the ongoing development efforts,weaken the economy and pressurize the government.

The Biden administration, in a manner violating Ethiopia’s sovereignty and undermining the age-old diplomatic relations of the two countries, has been working actively to impose unfair sanctions that could produce distressing impacts on the lives of low-income citizens; for instance by barring Ethiopia from the AGOA program.

Recently,Congressman Tom Malinowski has proposed the one-sided harshest draft bill; ‘H.R.6600’(“Ethiopia Stabilization, Peace and Democracy Act);to initiate additional sanctions on the country; which is,in fact, an extension of the previous ones.

Sadly enough, the draft bill seems designed to harm Ethiopia’s economy with backbreaking sanctions thereby serving its own and associates’ interests.

The statement neither appreciates nor considers the efforts the Ethiopian government has been exerting to sustain peace and security within the country.The paces the government has travelled from the very beginning; and even while it has entered into law enforcement operation for peace deal and peaceful resolution was left unnoticed deliberately.

Even worse, the heartless atrocities perpetrated by the TPLF insurgents against unarmed citizens in Amhara and Afar states were overlooked with a purpose.

Undeniably, if this ill-conceived draft is enacted, it would pose a serious threat to the country and the general people.It erodes the peace, security and stability of the nation;cripples its economic progress and worsen the living conditions of the ordinary people;instead of “supporting stabilization, peace, and democracy efforts in Ethiopia.”

Not only that, but because Ethiopia’s security and stability is highly intertwined with countries of the Horn and beyond, passing the bill into law would have domino effect on those countries and even beyond, and can create more instability in the region through causing economic instability.

As it is learnt, currently a taskforce that is organized to oppose the situation is undertaking several activities including informing the U.S. lawmakers the negative impact the bill brings on the low-income Ethiopians who have no direct relations with politics.

Similarly, it is performing various activities.Ranging from holding several demonstrations in front of the White House and State Department to initiation for petition signatures, it is striving to fend off the unnecessary intervention and pressure on Ethiopia.

In fact, even in earlier times Ethiopian Diasporas, joining hands with African brothers and sisters and Ethiopia’s friends have made successful campaigns in exposing and curbing anti-Ethiopian operations through the #Nomore movement.

Currently, understanding that enacting the resolution is similar to directly attacking the people of Ethiopia and the Ethiopian government, we, Ethiopians at home, the Diaspora community and Ethiopia’s friends should stand together and further ignite the #Nomore house bill H.R. 6600 movement.

We should oppose the bill in the strongest term and say #Nomore sanctions on Ethiopia to get the draft H.R. 6600 act bill repudiated from becoming into effect.

The March 9/2022

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