“Not me, but those who raped me should be ashamed:” Rape survivor



In their very short-lived occupation of Shewa Robit town, North Shewa Zone of the Amhara State, forces of the terrorist TPLF group summarily executed the civilian population and raped a number of girls and women. Ikram, 14, is one of the girls being raped by the radical elements.

Approached by the Ethiopian Press Agency (EPA) reporters, Ikram stated that the rebels raped many children and women, beaten and massacred elder people. “What they did against civilians is heartbreaking.” “When we begged them to leave us alone, they were mocking and laughing at us. Are you humans? You are not humans.” they were saying to us.”

“I do not feel embarrassed for the crime these devils perpetrated on me, since they did it forcibly against my will. It should be them who should be embarrassed by themselves. Whether they die or return to their places, they would be humiliated by the crime they committed on us.”

The rape survivor called on the government of the U.S., and the international community withdraw support to the TPLF terrorist whose forces are committing inhumane crimes on children, women, and elders. The international community should be alert and aware of the coldhearted crimes of the terrorist group. How long they support such a criminal faction that massacred and gang rape children, teenagers, women in front of their children, husbands, fathers, and brothers?”

“This should be curtailed somewhere. The terrorist enterprise knows very well that it would not succeed in its evil acts and win. No force has ever defeated Ethiopia. Let alone these internal enemies, even the Fascist Italian invaders did not conquer Ethiopians fighting morale and returned disgracefully.”

As to her, TPLF forces committed the crimes to hurt the morale of the Amhara people and besmirch their identity. “Victims of the gang rape should not hung their head in shame because it was happened against their will.”

“These entities, let alone to be leaders of a nation, are incapable of managing their family. Letting their own children and families leading luxurious life with the wealth they plundered from the poor, they made other children being raped, brutally attacked, tortured and murdered.”

Noting that she was treated and got cured; Ikram advised other victims to consult a physician. “There is nothing to be ashamed of or discouraged. You don’t have to be frustrated with being Amhara or Ethiopians.”

Ikram’s mother also remembered the moment her only daughter was snatched from her by the rebels.

“He came directly to our home. He did not talk to me or another person. He went directly upstairs and ordered her to get up. While he brought her downstairs, the other two came to me.

I fell down on his feet and begged him to leave her alone. I told him the hard life I am leading. I kept on begging him not to take my daughter saying she is the only one I have. Unfortunately, he did not want to listen to me.”

He was too stubborn. He even responded to me that he had no sympathy for Amharas. He kicked me on my belly three times with his military boots. I did not give up. I kept on begging him not to take my daughter. When I kept on nagging him, he beat me hard with a stick in his hand.

As they departed, I started bleeding because of the physical attack they caused on me. I could not urinate; but I was bleeding badly for three consecutive days. Even though I was suffering from hunger and thirst as well as the pain, I was looking for my daughter almost everywhere carrying the little boy on my back.”

Ikram’s mother borrowed money from a relative and brought her daughter to hospital. After four days, the young girl returned home and she is in a better condition than before.

Ikram wants to be a doctor and claims that what has happened to her strengthens her ambition. “I would be an advocate for my country, my sisters, my mothers, my friends. For the reason they caused me harm, I will not fail from realizing my dream.”

The January 2/2022

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