Nothing outweighs sovereignty, Nat’l interest, dignity: Premier


ADDIS ABABA– Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) said the government bases all the decisions it takes,including the recent release of some prisoners on three principles— sovereignty, national interest and national pride for the benefit of the people.

The Premier made the above remark at a fundraising event held as part of the #GreatEthiopianHomeComing on Sunday.

The Prime Minister further stated that the government relies on the three core principles to make any decision and always prioritizes Ethiopia’s sovereignty, national interest and dignity. “We listen to every opinion and employ what best fits with our nation and leave the unconstructive ones. We pursue a genuine democratic path that leads us to the national consensus.”

“All Ethiopians should understand that the decisions we make are important to Ethiopia and forgiveness is paramount for our tomorrow, not for yesterday.”

Noting Ethiopia has not categorized any nation as ‘enemy,’ he indicated some countries don’t agree with our policy directions. Meanwhile there are  countries who acknowledge and respect Ethiopia’s history and understand its potential for development. “We will consolidate relations with friendly countries, and we continue to aware those siding against us about their mistakes and inform them that we remain independent. We made them aware that even though we are poor, we couldn’t bargain with our dignity.”

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister highlighted that the GreatEthiopianHomeComing call of the government will bring phenomenal results in the next 10 to 15 years in the country. The initiative has brought about hope for the country as Diaspora Ethiopians are actively participating in development, rehabilitation, reconstruction, investment and other sectors in their home country.

The Premier made a call to Ethiopians in the Diaspora to explore their home country’s untapped investment opportunities and make more engagement in the development projects that will address the socio-economic challenges of the public. “Ninety percent of the Diaspora community who came to Ethiopia are happy and the #NoMore movement campaign should be enhanced into a greater agenda. They should also share experience as well as to build the bridges between Ethiopia and the second-generation Diasporas.”

The planned national dialogue will enable us to reach consensus and overcome the pressing challenges the country has been encountering currently. All Ethiopians will decide everything according to the national interest of the country and differences would get narrowed in round table discussions, Abiy remarked.

The Ethiopian     January 18/2022

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