Office stresses National Digital ID manifold advantages


ADDIS ABABA – Office of the Prime Minister yesterday revealed that the Digital National ID will bring manifold advantages such as avoiding bureaucratic red tape, ensuring trustworthiness between citizens and their government, realizing African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), creating jobs, as well as avoiding illegal acts via setting modern system.

During a forum the Office organized to discuss various issues with stakeholders under the theme “Ethiopian Digital Identification Draft Proclamation Stakeholders Consultation,” several ideas regarding the significance of National Digital ID were raised.

Delivering an opening speech, National ID program Executive Director Yodahe A. Zemichael said that Ethiopia planned to realize the national ID service which will be completed in 2025.

According to the Director, the National ID program helps identify the real pensioners; modernize transport sectors, ensure accountability, and avoid illegal activity as these are the very significances of the system through applying technology based solution.

Innovation State Minister Huriya Ali on her part said that the National Digital ID would play a significant role in developing digital economy through reducing money and time wastage. The Program helps ensure good governance, maximize good opportunity, protect Cyber attack, and the like.

That is why the government gives serious attention to the issue thereby ensuring prosperous Ethiopia. However, it needs legal and regulatory framework to attain the expected goal, she added.

Ministry of Justice Legal Studies Drafting and Summery Director General Belayehun Yirga stated that national ID proclamation plays a key role in ensuring justice and preventing  crimes successfully. However, Patience is required to implement the issue especially when it is looked in the eyes of justice. National ID Program Biometrics System Head Eilias Debebe also said that the program is at a pilot level at present.

As to Elias, the office has been circulating the plan to various ministerial sectors to help them know the level of performance. The Office also registered close to 8,000 employees in the Industrial Parks Development Corporation of Ethiopia (IPDC). However, the legal cause was a serious problem hinderingthe effort to realize the expected target during the previous regime.

The Office has now completed the technical issues to register citizens both in off-line and online platforms while the National ID registering will gradually be extended to all parts of the nation. The discussion forum was attended by concerned bodies from different states, legal consultants, the Head of Vital Events Registration, the two cities administration, it was learned.

The Ethiopian March 12/2022

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