Panelists emphasize Africans’ unity to fight neocolonialism


ADDIS ABABA-All Africans should come together, and support one another in their struggle against neocolonialism, participants of the Diaspora symposium said. A symposium held here recently under the motto ‘Africanism and the role of Diaspora.’

Speaking on the occasion, a Ghanaian renowned beauty pageant Setor Norgbe (MD) stated that African are the same and the culture is almost identical. “Beautiful people, beautiful culture, beautiful hospitality and a very loving people. If all African brothers will come together to unite, to support everybody, every country one after the other, Ghanaian supporting Ethiopians, Ethiopians supporting Ghanaian, Ghanaian supporting Nigerians, Nigerians supporting South Africans, then we would see that we are truly one people.”

And for that reason, Norgbe indicated she puts it on her agenda once she goes back to Ghana to start an African unity campaign starting with an Ethiopia-Ghana friendship, which will go in the right direction to make sure that the two countries push for an African unity, which all Africans seeking  to find.

The well-known Ethiopian-American journalist Hermela Aregawi said for her part that fear is exactly what the Western propaganda uses to divide each other. “So, let’s not then take that and start oppressing our own selves and each other by feeding into that fear. There are enemies on the outside, but there are enemies on the inside too. And those are the people that continue to stoke the divisions that make that keep people fearful, that don’t allow you to talk about what’s positive.”

“The best way to push back against Western propaganda is not enough to say what they are saying is wrong. We are not destined for war, we are not destined for a famine, and we are not destined for tribalism. This is what we are destined for unity; we are destined to celebrate each other economic development.”

“I’m just trying to take things in, but I’m seeing such a negativity flourish at least in the social media space. That’s not real life per se, but this would be a missed opportunity not to lean into positivity and fear. Do not listen to these people that take something that looks positive and then turn it into this doomsday narrative,” Hermela noted.

The Ethiopian      January   18/2022

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