Patriots call for ‘patriotic education’ to youth

ADDIS ABABA – Educating the youths about their history and identity is a matter of urgency to enable them to uphold their country’s sovereignty and repeat the gallant history of their forefathers and foremothers, so said patriots.

Speaking to The Ethiopia at the event organized to celebrate the 126th anniversary of Adwa Victory, President of the Ethiopian

Patriotic Association Lij Daniel Jote Mesfin stated that as some foreign forces are still trying to violate our sovereignty; educating the young generation about their history and identity is crucial.

“We should not underestimate the victory of Adwa,” he said adding that: “If we do not enable the young generation to know their history and identity, we will be ridiculed by our enemies.” As to him, the incalculable sacrifices of Ethiopian forefathers/mothers made for their motherland should remain to be the current generations’ source of pride in encouraging and equipping them to stand for their sovereignty.

He further indicated that, not only Ethiopians defeated the enemy mercilessly but also no patriot was captured at the Battle of Adwa by the enemy.

Approached by The , Captain Wagnew Abbay, member of the Ethiopian Patriotic Association, said that all Ethiopians made great sacrifices to save their country from Italian invation accepting the call of Emperor Menelik II and putting aside their differences.

As to him, the Victory of Adwa is a symbol of independence for all black peoples around the world as it broke the white supremacy.

“The youth generation should be told this proud history well,” he added. Captain Wagnew further indicated that the youth, along with the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF), made great sacrifices in fighting the terrorist TPLF group that was trying to dismantle Ethiopia.

He also stated that the youth deserve to be honored for doing a great job of thwarting the plots of Ethiopia’s internal and external enemies.

He further stressed that the youths must reaffirm their commitment to the country repeating the heroic history of their forefathers and foremothers.

On his part, Commander Sergeant Major Damtew Gebrehiwot, member of the Ethiopian Patriotic Association, said that the young generation must be wellinformed about its history and identity in order to preserve its country.

A generation that does not know its history and identity will not have the courage to defend its country, as to him.


The   3 March  2022

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