Photographer calls Western journalists to report facts coming to Ethiopia


ADDIS ABABA– Photo Journalist with Getty Images Jemal Countess called Western journalists to come to Ethiopia to report facts through getting what is on the ground.

The journalist said that instead of doing investigation into the crimes of terrorist TPLF against humanity and resources. Some Western media have been working to hide the crimes of the terrorist group and distributing the false propagation of the group.

He said that he tripped in to Ethiopia for the fifth times to get facts about the current situation of Ethiopia and he said that terrorist TPLF committed massive atrocities against people who live in Amhara and Afar states.

Observing Lalibela town area of Amhara state after the area was liberated from the invasion of the terrorist group, he said that  Lalibela Rock-Hewn Church was intact. But the rest areas of the town were not intact adding that in the area there was a wide spread of looting and destruction at the area.

Citing the crimes committed at the Ayna Jesus town which is 40 kilometers far from Lalibela town, he said that 32 women were raped within 3 days in the town while the town was invaded by the terrorist group.

He noted that he interviewed a 26 year old women who was gang raped by three TPLF’s gunmen before her five years old boy .

Explaining the crimes against resources in the town, he said that things that had anything of value was basically either looted or destroyed by the terrorist group.

The journalist observed Mountain view Hotel and approved the damaging and looting of the property of the hotel around the Lalibela town.

The January 5/2022

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