Political analysts call for extraction of Tedros support


ADDIS ABABA- As the World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom (PhD) has not lived up to the integrity and professional expectations required from his office, Ethiopia should withdraw support to him, a prominent po­litical analyst said.

The political analyst Epherem Madebo told The that the gov­ernment’s withdrawal of support informs the global community what Tedros has done against the people of Ethiopia, which nominated him for the highest office in the global health body. Any support to Tedros’ re-election for WHO leadership should also be relinquished.

Epherem clarified that the director-general lacks impartiality, competence, accountabil­ity and transparency and has been overtly supporting and encouraging TPLF that is proscribed as a terrorist group by the Ethio­pian parliament. Tedros is also an active member of the criminal faction and part of a consorted and coordinated effort to smear and overthrow the current democratically elected government of Ethiopia.

Since the outbreak of the northern conflict, the WHO Chief’s activity is not something expected from a person who leads such an esteemed international organization. He has been encouraging and working for the TPLF against the Ethiopian people. “Issu­ing press statements and letters are not suf­ficient and the government should extricate the support and communicate Tedros’ crime to the international community.”

 By the same token, an American political analyst Andrew Korybko said Tedros’ track record confirms that he behaved as a partisan activist in support of terrorist-designated TPLF instead impartial technocrat presiding over the world’s most important health body like he has supposed to be.

Korybko further highlighted that the WHO Chief accused of continuing to remain a member of terrorist- designated TPLF that is responsible for bringing untold suffering upon millions of people in northern Ethiopia as a result of war.

“Tedros used false assessments to mislead the UN Security Council and he used the platform to mobilize the international community against his homeland on top of providing financial and technical support to the TPLF. This is why Ethiopia is urging a full investigation into his misconduct.”

The reasons are enough to relinquish Tedros of his duties. The WHO and its UN organizations would do well to immediately prioritize a full investigation into his misconduct. Suspending the WHO chief from his duties would be the best, the analyst noted.

It is to be recalled that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs asked the UN and WHO to investigate its chief Tedros Adhanom for ‘harmful misinformation’ and ‘misconduct’ and accusing him of backing rebels in his native war-torn Tigray State.

The January 15/2022

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