Premier extends Timket best wishes


ADDIS ABABA-Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) extended his wishes to the Christian faithful over the celebration of Timket (Epiphany) which commemorates the Baptism of Jesus Christ in the River Jordan.

The Premier called on Ethiopians to show forgiveness, love and humility for fellow compatriots in order to preserve dignity of the nation and preserve humbleness instead of chauvinism, forgiveness instead of reprisal and fraternity instead of hostility.

Wishing all the faithful a happy Ketera (Eve of Timket) and Timket, the Premier said that not only is concluding conflict using forgiveness a lesson that we Ethiopians have drawn from the baptism of Jesus Christ but it is also a priceless asset Ethiopians have developed since time immemorial. Besides, he said, this time-tested value of Ethiopians has helped Ethiopia to stay great.

“We can get our country respected via practically portraying the unthinkable as possible. The business-as-usual trend could  hardly unveil our respect for our beloved motherland—Ethiopia as dignity badly requires being too unassuming. Making the unthinkable possible is a clear manifestation of greatness as the lord did,” he underscored.

According to him, every one of us has to know that it is impossible to live in a better situation without paying the necessary sacrifice and to live in brightness without experiencing the darkness.

He further stated that the yardstick to measure the contribution of the people from all walks of life has to be based on the result gained in rescuing the nation; it is not by counting the intensity of enemy chauvinistic gesture. We all are expected to sacrifice our prestige with a view to making Ethiopia ever great and showing all the invisible for the same cause as trekking on the usual path could not help us save our country.

 The other important point is, as to him, marking Epiphany is of paramount importance in showing the rest of the world that Ethiopia is a great nation advancing towards prosperity and growth withstanding all the ups and downs it has faced for long.

“As Ethiopia is a land of numerous miracles and religious assets, this has to be well introduced to the whole world. The recently invited Diaspora are also duty bound to do so.”

Taking all what Ethiopia does possess in terms of tangible and intangible heritages including today’s ceremony, it is unquestionable that Ethiopia will be pushed to the high level of affluence following the socio-economic significance of them; hence all Ethiopians have to well focus on the tourism merit of Epiphany (Timket) apart from its religious significance.

The January 19/2022

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