Prisoners release aims to solve difference, foster democratization: GCS


ADDIS ABABA- The government has released several prisoners and terminated their cases having the faith to transform the country’s democratic system, solve problems via national dialogue and strengthen territorial integrity and unity, according to the Government Communication Service (GCS).

In a press briefing he gave yesterday, GCS Minister Legesse Tulu (PhD) said the government has made the decision in accordance with law and anticipating the release would have a paramount importance for national dialogue and reconciliation.

The Minister further stated that the prisoners release was made to address and solve socioeconomic and political problems and disputes without violence in the line of fostering peace and inclusive democratic system. It is a political decision to build a guaranteed democratic system and to save sovereign unity from danger.

As to him, the democratically elected government of Ethiopia has been working to serve the interest of the people and never negotiate on matters of rule of law and territorial integrity.

“All the activities and decisions of the government have been undertaken in a manner that serve and ensure the public benefit and Ethiopia’s guaranteed democracy. Accordingly, the government has been building resilient institutions that decide and serve the best interests of Ethiopia.”

Noting the government does not allow violence and disorder to be repeated by the released prisoners, Legesse emphasized that Ethiopia and its people expect them to learn from past wrongdoings and exert better socio-political contribution for their country.



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