Private sector figure foresees more push to Nat’l dialogue efficacy

ADDIS ABABA– The national dialogue would help to address Ethiopia’s pressing challenges even though more steps are crucial to take place to support the deliberation to attain the desired outcomes, a well-known private sector advocate said.

Speaking to local media, the veteran private sector figure Berhane Mewa stated that the national dialogue would have a significant role to identify major disputes among the political and non-political elites and facilitate the way to address their differences. The political leaders are pretending the existence of great gaps among the people, in reality, most of the problem emanates from elite dispute and requires elite bargains.

However; Berhane, stressed that the dialogue could not be sufficient to settle all national issues. “The dialogue would have an impact, but cannot be the ultimate solution. Such proceedings may face problems along the road and further supportive procedures should come to table. Also, main subject matters should be seen from historical perspectives, scientific views and from public opinions. For instance, the issue of a national flag cannot be resolved within a segment of the community. It needs to be discussed with all Ethiopians.”

By the same token, the dialogue needs critical thinking to avoid sources of conflicts. In this case, the time and manner of conducting the negotiation should be identified and arranged beforehand.

Claiming the existing constitution is the major source of the unrest in several parts of the country and has posed structural complexities, he called for the meticulous amendments with a view to catching up the current political dynamics of the country. “Now, the constitution is powerless to defend individual rights… but, for ethnic rights.”



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