Pulling AU Summit to Addis showcasing African alliance

Ethiopia has thanked all AU member states leaders for their sound decision to hold the 35th ordinary Session in Addis Ababa and their being by its side at critical times.

Africa is at the verge of entertaining philosophies that benefit the continent and help come up with economic and political unification. In so doing, the effort of amassing Africa’s huge amount of natural resources for the end result of developing external bodies can be made history.

Africans have now created unwavering bond to grow together. There are a number of manifestations along this line. To mention but a few, when there was the unremitting false propaganda and battle going on against Ethiopia, all Africans were heard asserting that it was a battle against Africa as well and hence had to be faced in unison, and said as attacking Ethiopia is attacking Africa, it needs to immediately halt. The AU summit in Addis is one way of reasserting this idea and conveying a clear message to the rest of the world.

No matter how enormous the pressure on Ethiopia and whatever negative utterances thrown against weaken it, no one can break the historical bond between Ethiopians and the rest of Africa as the former has come to be a concern of the entire continent and an emblem of continental independence and freedom.

True, Africans have been able to successfully fight colonialism under their bonding umbrella, the AU since long back. And the 35th ordinary Session of the AU Assembly, Heads of State and Government Session, is going to be held in Addis Ababa despite the multifarious conspiracies not to hold the summit here by fabricating a number of lame reasons such as ‘Addis is not safe, the country is in a recurrent conflict, COVID 19 is rampant and so on.’

Besides, the effort of the African Union (AU) can help the continent accelerate the process of integration thereby enabling it play its rightful role in the global economy by addressing multifaceted social, economic and political problems coupled with certain negative aspects of globalization. The Summit has been a regular ritual to help heads discuss all the urgent and important issues of the continent and reach on agreements.

With the massive influx of Ethiopian diaspora and some foreigners who did not accept the narratives of certain biased media, Addis was confirmed to be a peaceful place probably more than any western capital with practically no crimes.

The AU summit is back in Addis in full confirmation that heads of state can peacefully come and attend the summit physically resisting a range of ups and downs. Despite the relentless efforts of some countries who had evidently sympathy or particular relations with the leadership of the terrorist TPLF who tried to relocate the venue of the summit from Addis to some other site, Ethiopia’s diplomatic battle has ended with a glowing success because it has managed to convince the leaders of Africa to be back to Addis, AU seat.

The far-reaching plans to set up a human rights court, a central bank and monetary fund and by 2023 an African Economic Community with a single currency would be made real if coordinated effort of the countries of the continent keeps at the same rate.

Undeniably, holding AU summit in Addis this time will have a huge impact for the overall image of the country and will show the world that whatever propaganda and unfounded allegation produced against their country, Ethiopians do not compromise upon the sovereignty and national interest of their country and neither do Africans.

The January 28/2022

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