Regional cooperation prerequisites building African economy


ADDIS ABABA- Building the African economy requires a combined regional cooperation that is translated into strong infrastructural linkages thereby putting the continent in a good shape to attain Agenda 2063, a veteran diplomat said.

The diplomat Ambassador Teferra Shawl told The that Agenda 2063 will be realized when regional economic and security actors have formed strongly built, integrated and solidified partnership besides the infrastructure- driven ties.

Meanwhile, infrastructure development including road, electricity, telephone and railway connectivity has a profound importance to enhance the people-to- people relations and foster continental development.

But more importantly, each African state has  to ensure its peace and stability. When peace is guaranteed, people could peacefully run business and make trade exchanges thereby contributing to the over development of their respective countries and the African continent at large, he elaborated.

According to Teferra, ensuring peace and stability is a key to foster strong economic ties and boost cooperation in education, science and technology among AU member states. The peace also has great importance to build a resilient economy and enables Africans to exchange ideas and experiences to this end.

 Building Africa’s economy is the sum total result of all regional blocks such as IGAD, SADC, ECOWAS, ECCAS, EAC and CEN-SAD. Also, Africa should seek ways to forge strong economic relations and linkages with other continents including Europe and North America.

AU strengthened when each regional block strengthened and peace of the continent is ensured and consolidating African regional institutions would accelerate inclusive African unity and self-reliance and development, the ex-diplomat recommended.

The February 2/2022

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