Reinvigorating investigative journalism in combing out the deceitful


The reason why the press is referred to the fourth state is to throw light on the key role of journalism in slamming the perversion of justice in tandem with the legislative, executive and judiciary. The significance of the task of journalists more precisely investigative journalists in dragging out improprieties of every brand for public ridicule and thereby for remedial solutions goes without saying.

While tackling queries raised in parliament this week,it was on this fact PM Abiy Ahmed zeroed in on. In a show of vexation to corruption-posed roadblocks that result in the tardiness and stagnation in the translation of projects in to concrete actions, he expressed reinvigorated commitment to extirpate the social malice breathing fire in to the fight against the fraudulent conduct.

Corruption creates a vicious cycle, for service-seekers grease the palms of corrupt officials that in turn abuse the law meant for proper and swift delivery of service coercing service seekers to opt for a short cut of acquiring service via bribery. There is an urgency to thwart such cycle, cancerous for nation’s growth, he stressed.

True the social malice has to be rooted out. Imagine how Ethiopia could have catapulted to heights of affluence had this albatross around its neck could have been removed. It is therefore high time to fast track the fight against rent seeking.

Thanks to the resilience of Ethiopia, unhampered by the Covid-19 Pandemic, drought and dissenters’ connivance with revolution exporters the country’s economy have managed to forestall downward spiral. Happily, despite the bottlenecks the country has managed to actualize flagship projects like GERD

Corruption creates income inequality among citizens as few human-bugs fatten at the cost of the majority which ultimately stirs up unrest. This tragic scenario erodes the trust of people on government and governmental institutions.

What is more, it degrades the normal economic activities into informal ones since some do business underhand while others properly function in the cut-throat and red-hot competitions. What is sad about this scenario is that those who amassed wealth the easiest-corrupt way lavishly outlay money to purchaser commodities. They could as well hoard commodities to further amass wealth when the commodities shortage in market causes price hikes. The unfolding aggravates inflation, which obviously courts complaints against the government.

Besides, the lack of transparency how the market functions makes doing business hideous, since the invisible hand of corruption twists Adam Smith’s invisible hand that balances supply and demand. This way the market spirals out of control pushing healthy businesspersons bankrupt.

Anxious of corrupt practices and bureaucratic red tape potential investors could backpedal while those still functioning relinquish their business. Legal institutions will be emasculated from doing business.

The government’s revenue could make a nosedive as illegal trade goes from bad to worse. Via smuggling, commodities or export items find their way to neighboring countries.

Embezzlement, bribery and thievery are social filths that were addressed with raised brows in all cultures of over 80 nations and nationalities of the country not to mention in the major religions observed here in Ethiopia. Remorsefully, the virtuous act of abhorring and shunning filths of corruption is seen rearing its ugly face. Many employees that range from leaders to experts in service delivering institutions have begun to worship materials than uphold humanistic feeling. A protracted service delivery characterizes these institutions that subtly set as a precondition bribes that serve lubricants to service delivery.

Bribe givers are getting swift service even at times undue services encouraging service givers to press ahead with their heinous act. Bribe giving and taking feed on each other, as the PM stressed. Those short of money lament their fate treated with a cold shoulder. Court cases are handled the truth eclipsed by falsehood. Nowadays, in the God fearing and cultural- ethical-standards-respecting Ethiopia bribery has found its way into the army posing a threat of the disintegration of the country. Not only that it causes economic meltdown and irk among citizens. Such foul plays were conspicuous during the tenure of the TPLF-led government.

Hence, every administrative machinery’s functioning has to be probed into by investigative journalism in the true sense of the word.

The government and the Anticorruption Commission must give coverage to those who tip concerned bodies about corruption, for many were who suffered attack for displaying integrity.

The bottom line is let us root out corruption in a concerted effort mainly leaning on investigative journalism.


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