Religious fathers call on congregations to cultivate peace, forgiveness

 ADDIS ABABA- Religious fathers underlined that all religions have to work hard to well preach their respective faithful towards bringing about sustainable peace, fraternity, coexistence and mutual understanding through mediation and national consensus.

Speaking at an event organized to mark the second international day of fraternity in Addis Ababa very recently; these fathers stated that bringing about sustainable peace for Ethiopia at a hectic time is of paramount importance in creating a peaceful nation, applying reconciliation thereby fostering development.

The event was organized by Amen Ethiopia focusing on how to bring sustainable peace in Ethiopia through reconciliation. Amen Ethiopia held a daylong forum with various scholars, religious fathers, elders and communities, and discussed the current situation in the country centering peace restoration.

Addis Ababa and Guraghe Zone Diocese Archbishop, his holiness Abune Melke-Tsedeq underlined that when the second international day of fraternity is marked in Ethiopia, everyone should think of restoring Ethiopia’s former peace via taking negotiating at the forefront.

“Ethiopians have been living harmoniously regardless of ethnicity, sex or religion, social status or any assortment. Hence, all people should respect rule of law to sustain fraternity among themselves to bridge differenceswith a view to developing true fraternity,” he stated.

Inter-Religious Council of Ethiopia are created from each faiths of representatives and they should come up together and discuss ways for building lasting peace and fraternity by avoiding rivalry, conflict as well as sense of jealousy among people, he said.

Sheik Muhammed Siraj on his part said: “Not only are preachers duty bound to transmit religious teachings but they are also responsible for putting rhetorical ideologies into practical actions to bring about sustainable peace in Ethiopia. No one is superior to others and nobody is inferior to others as everyone is created equal,” he added.

Archbishop of the Ethiopian Catholic Church, Cardinal Berhaneyesus Demerew said that God created all human being equally and prestigiously.

“We have tried to mediate both parties to preclude the war in Ethiopia but the war couldn’t be stopped now; hence we shall focus on our similarities rather than minor differences as Ethiopians have been living in harmony since long back,” cardinal said.

One of the founders of Human fraternity day in Ethiopia and Head of Pastoral Ministry Office of Catholic Archdiocese Addis Ababa, Abba Petross Berga (PhD) stressed that the idea was born or emerged in Holland,  Amsterdam then we it bring to Ethiopia 14 years ago to do the best on peace and fraternity.

Mediation and discussion should be done at the grass root level, to build common values and fraternity among people. National consensus has to incorporate the general public to come up with a fruitful outcome, he added.

“We need to avoid conflict, resentment and suspicion to ensure sustainable peace in Ethiopia. We all are expected to cement one another to bring lasting peace and development in the country,” he underlined.

President of the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Fellowship Pastor Tsadiku Abido also said that citizens have to say #No More hatred, conflict and differences as we did against westerners.



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