Replicating heroism to make poverty, backwardness a history

Last Wednesday, March 2, 2022 Ethiopians marked the 126th anniversary of the Victory of Adwa, the decisive victory Ethiopians scored over the invading colonial forces at the Battle of Adwa in 1895.

Especially in the capital Addis Ababa at Menelik Square where the statue of Emperor Menelik erected and at Adwa Bridge, the day was celebrated warmly with large gatherings, accompanied by the marsh band.

Speaking on the occasion, President Sahle Work Zewde said Adwa is the outcome of unity, togetherness, and listening to one another. “When we are celebrating the Victory, we should not forget even for a fraction of a second that we are standing by the life sacrifice of Ethiopia’s heroes who prefer to die to being colonialized and sacrificed their lives for us.

The value of freedom is measured when we examine the history of countries that have deprived of independence.” As to the President, we can grow and create a resilient economy when we can strengthen our foundation, build a common consensus on our history and stop manipulating our history for temporary political consumption.

“We should all work hard not to make the celebration of the grand Adwa Victory source of inconvenience and controversy.” The solution that disengages our country from the challenges it is now is when we understand one another, stand with solidarity, and synergy.

Above all, far from celebrating the day and echoing watchwords, we should practically act in accordance to the culture and spirit of Adwa, she added. In his congratulatory message, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed also said that the Victory of Adwa marks the bravery and resistance of Ethiopian foremothers and forefathers against slavery and oppression.

“Adwa Vitory is not the day of independence for Ethiopians; rather it is the day that marks the struggle we were engaged into safeguarding our freedom,” he further noted. Mentioning that, Adwa Victory inspired Africans and peoples of Asia and the Latin America to break chains of slavery and drive out burdens of colonialism the Premier said that the victory also reshaped the misguided narratives between the white and black people by glorifying the black people on the global arena.

Ethiopians fought poverty, backwardness and division at the battle of Adwa so that the now Ethiopia will feel pride with its daughters and sons who are campaigning against such three enemies towards realization of prosperous nation, he underlined. Speaking to on the occasion, President of the Ethiopian Patriotic Association Lij Daniel Jote Mesfin stated that as some foreign forces are still trying to violate our sovereignty. Educating the young generation about their history and identity is crucial. “We should not underestimate the Victory of Adwa.

If we fail the young generation to know their history and identity, we will be ridiculed by our enemies.” As to him, the incalculable sacrifices of Ethiopian forefathers/mothers made for their motherland should remain to be the current generations’ source of pride in encouraging and equipping them to stand for their sovereignty.

Captain Wagnew Abbay, member of the Ethiopian Patriotic Association also told to The that all Ethiopians made great sacrifices to defend their country from invading Fascist Italian forces accepting the call of Emperor Menelik II and putting aside their differences.

As to him, the Victory of Adwa is a symbol of independence for all black peoples around the world as it broke the white supremacy.

“The youth generation should be told this proud history well.” Captain Wagnew further also stated the sacrifice the youths have paid standing by the side of the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) in fighting the terrorist TPLF faction that was attempting to disrupt the peace and security of the people and to dismantle Ethiopia.

He also stated that the youth deserve to be honored for doing a great job of thwarting the plots of Ethiopia’s internal and external enemies working untiringly to disintegrate the country.

He further stressed that the youths must reaffirm their commitment to the country repeating the heroic deeds of their forefathers and foremothers at the Battle of Adwa.

The day was celebrated in Addis Ababa in the presence of President Sahlework Zewde, senior government officials, members of the Ethiopian Patriotic Association, prominent persons and residents of the city.


The Ethiopian   4 March  2022

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