Researcher underscores importance of Nat’l Dialogue Commission

ADDIS ABABA— An historian and researcher stated that a new National Dialogue Commission should be formed to become decisive research and development center in a bid to solve citizens overall economic, political, and social problems.

Speaking to The Ethiopian Press Agency (EPA), an Historian and Researcher, Assistant Professor Adem Kamil said that the commission should pay attention to research based solutions by identifying the root cause of the problems to help the nation prevent their future occurrences, too.

According to Adem, it is the right time to exercise the national dialogue that plays a leading role in helping Ethiopia overcome the long heaped problems within its own reach and capacity.

Particularly, implementing national dialogue will bring maximum profit by solving the national problems and support the country avoid unwelcome intervention. The dialogue also helps encourage unison, protect sovereignty apart from being an exemplary one in the international arena, Adem noted.

He further stated that the dialogue should include all walks of life focusing on the elderly, religious fathers, scholars, media, universities, and political parties to bring about the desired as well as a significant change in Ethiopia. By doing so, the national dialogue will play decisive role in ensuring sustainable political stability via preparing strategic plan and enforcing the policy.

To realize this, Adem advised “The Government should attach due emphasis to the ongoing activities, preconditions and proper implementing means of the dialogue.”



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