Resolving political conflicts fosters Africa’s economic integration


ADDIS ABABA- Resolving political conflicts should be taken as a key measure by African countries to materialize the African Union’s vision of regional and continental integration, an expert in the area said.

Speaking to local media, an economist Mohammed Abrar stated that resolving political conflicts should be taken as a key step to build an integrated and prosperous Africa. Most African countries are still under poverty despite the fact that they have untapped potential to supply strategic products to the global market. “Also, the resource diversity enables African countries to form an interlinked market system.”

As to him, building market integration should be the priority of African countries instead of political diplomacy. “Job creation, income generation and other economic issues would be very easy if we are enabled to interlink the African market. So, African countries should open their doors to their neighbors.”

The expert further noted that Ethiopia has done commendable jobs in improving economic integration with all neighboring states.

Ethiopia’s economic partnership and cooperation with Kenya has been improved and the peace around the border also becomes more stable. The economic ties with other neighboring nations can also be classified as positive compared with previous years. “The notable exception is the current instability of Sudan that has caused challenges in some areas.”

Mohammed lauded the massive infrastructure projects that have been carried out to connect Ethiopia with all neighboring countries. Now, the connectivity between Ethiopia and Eritrea has resumed and the two countries have entered into a new era of mutual cooperation. “The momentum requires concrete jobs to deepen and cement the ties.”

The February 4/2022

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