Revitalize the spirit of black history makers to overcome current challenges

February is commonly known as black history month. The commemoration is mainly to honor the African Americans contributions, achievements and scarifies in the U.S. Though the commemoration of the month was started to respect and honor the black Americans in the U.S., the month is already becoming as black history month across the world in connection with other achievements and freedoms of black people.

In addition to commemorate the contributions and achievements of the black people in U.S., the month is commemorating the African liberation and freedoms from colonialism, panAfrican movements, African unification efforts and the collaboration of the black people as a whole. In the past, the black people struggled for their freedom and equality of peoples without any racial discrimination.

They started the pan-African movement to mobilize black people for their freedom, for the equality and equity of human beings. The past generation of black people broke the yoke of inequality, violation of rights, discrimination based on race and other evil and inhuman structural discriminations.

The past generation sacrificed life, material and developmental costs to liberate black people and Africa from colonizers and to establish a continental organization, African Union (AU). But still, black people are experiencing discriminations, violations of human rights, facing structural but unseen pressures and oppression.

Africa is still in struggle with the remains of colonialism and the new system of colonialism: neocolonialism. This generation has its own responsibility to break these yokes that are oppressed on black people and to break the continental problems of the African continent.

This generation needs black heroes to lift Africa from poverty, to break the yoke of neo-colonialism and the continued political turmoil and instability of the continent. This black generation needs black heroes to develop Africa and to eliminate hunger and famine from the continent.

Africa and the black people need meaningful innovators, scientists with the goal of changing African livelihood and to realize peaceful and prosperous Africa. Africa and the black people need new Pan-African leaders and scholars, to solve the real problems and challenges of the continent.

Africa needs true decision makers and practitioners to make the continent free from western aid dependency.

Africa needs now history makers in economic development, democratization, halting political instabilities, solving drought driven famines and hungers while commemorating black achievements of the past.

Due to the past structural discriminations based on race and the legacy of colonialism, Africa is still struggling many problems. In addition, the structural discrimination on the continent is continued with the neo-colonialism system and the racebased discrimination is still unsolved fully. Parallel to those external factors, the continent is facing a lot of internal problems which needs urgent and sustainable solution.

To solve all these internal and external problems, it needs committed panAfrican leaders, scientists, scholars, innovators and investors.

Africa needs new mobilization and new pan-African mobilizers to enter a new chapter of development, democratization and prosperity. Every generation has its own heroes.

This generation of Africa needs Pan-Africanists to mobilize the black people to modernization. Africa needs real transformation and enlightenment. Africa needs real change makers and peace makers. Africa needs real prosperity and development.

It’s time for Africa to synergize its resources for its development. Africa is waiting true decision makers and true pan-Africanists to exploit its rich resource for the improvement of its people’s livelihoods.

Africa is rich in natural resources. The continent is naturally gifted with all potentials. It has the most strategic locations of the world including the trade routes of the world.

Militarily, economically, in productive population and other criteria’s, Africa has strategic and comparative advantages than the rest of the world. With these all resources in hand, Africa is the poorest continent.

It’s the most fragile, unstable, backward, undemocratic and still facing famines and coup d’états. Africa needs history makers and new PanAfricanists to end these current challenges of the continent.

Africa is eagerly waiting pan-Africanists to mobilize its people and its resources for its people to overcome its challenges.

Africans, while commemorating the achievements and sacrifices of the past generation during the black history month, should mobilize Africa and the black people to bring real and sustainable changes and developments in all sectors.

This generation of black people should synergize its potentials and capacities for political, economic, social and innovational transformations as the continent is facing deep-rooted challenges. While commemorating history, Africans should think to make history.

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The Ethiopian   15 February  2022

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