Revitalizing postwar Ethiopia



Ethiopia is striving to restore the social, economic and political damages that the year-long war has induced. Accordingly, scholars have discussed on ways of nursing the country back from the social, economic and psychological impacts. They suggested an all-inclusive strategy that involves all stakeholders in order to realize post-conflict solutions.

The panel discussion that was held on Thursday organized by the Addis Ababa University has pointed out solutions of rebuilding of institutions to rehabilitate the country from social, economic and psychological impacts of the war.

Meanwhile, the House of Peoples’ Representatives of Ethiopia approved the National Dialogue Commission establishment proclamation with a majority vote. The commission is poised to avert a prolonged war and bring national consensus on basic national issues through national dialogues with active participation of the people in general.

The commissioners of this institution will be elected by the people and approved by the parliament. They will serve the commission for three years. The commission will gather public opinion on national issues and work with intended bodies for its implementation.

On the other hand, Ethiopia has also gathered its Diasporas from the four corners of the world to lend hands towards the restoration of damage-sustained areas of the nation beyond their indispensable role in demonstrating country’s stance to the international community.

Last Wednesday, the country had welcomed Diasporas who came to their motherland responding to the homecoming call of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD). Welcoming the Diasporas on the reception ceremony held at Friendship Square, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Demeke Mekonnen said that the diaspora community has been denouncing undue external pressures. In so doing they have undertaken a movement that inspired black people worldwide for pan-Africanism once again. He urged the Diasporas to actively backup the rehabilitation activities.

Addis Ababa City Mayor Adanech Abebie for her part commended the diaspora for its commitment in carrying across Ethiopia’s truth to the world and in slamming foreign pressure. She also announced the opening of an exhibition mainly to serve the diaspora and enable it to proudly purchase products made in Ethiopia. The exhibition will stay open for 14 days.

The January 2/2022

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