Sacrifice paid to heal the nation

Lately, Ethiopia dropped charges and released some prisoners as part of the government’s unwavering resolve to ensure lasting peace and stability in the country. The decision came as the country prepares for a meaningful national dialogue. The release of the prisoners will make the much-anticipated dialogue inclusive and complete.

The courageous decision of the government has thus far drawn worldwide recognition and commendation for it paves a way to a peaceful and democratic resolution to address centuries-old public concerns and extreme ends.

The decision is not however with costs. It was a painful sacrifice made to give peace a chance and culminate the ongoing reform with national consensus and reconciliation. Some people who may have been impacted by violence and atrocities may find it hard to comprehend the release of the individuals. But, as the government made it clear, every decision fits Ethiopia’s ultimate advantages. The concerns of the public are understandable and worth noting but again the people should also see the government’s gesture as must-take action to heal the nation.

Externally, the government’s gesture is being received positively. The AU, UN, US, and EU have commended the government for releasing the political leaders. Many have seen it as an important and good gesture to put the country on the path of lasting peace. The impact in the diplomatic frontiers has started to pay off with countries expressing their appreciation to the government. The fact is the Ethiopian government is very much aware of the value of peace. It has been consistent in its position when it comes to the peace and unity of the country.

The international community must seek the truth and play a constructive role in supporting Ethiopia’s national dialogue process. The Ethiopian government has always been determined to engage all peace-loving and democratic parties in the process so that every voice is represented in the dialogue. It is also committed to protecting the sovereignty and unity of the country. These are the red lines that no person or party should cross.

The international community must openly give recognition to the government’s mammoth step. It should also urge the released politicians to follow the path of peace and ensure that no harm is done to the country due to their activities. The Ethiopian people cannot afford to have another round of violence and instability due to the reckless provocations of some politicians.

The country has begun the path of reconciliation and national consensus. The only option for all parties is to partake in the national dialogue constructively and peacefully. So far, the process is being carried out democratically or effectively. The general public should also contribute to the process so that the centuries-old divisive rhetoric and source of disagreements are resolved through this tall order.

The January 14/2022

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