Scholar gives details about U.S. ’s hidden interest in Horn


ADDIS ABABA- An article posted in AdisZeybe disclosed that the driving forces behind the U.S. pushing conflict in Ethiopia is its typical interest targeting at diluting full Chinese control of the Horn of Africa, and this will be a formula for long-term instability and vulnerability in Ethiopia and the region, if not outright chaos.

Negash Abdurahman in his article recently published stated that the U.S. policy makers have clearly signaled that an alliance among Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia that the U.S. does not control is not acceptable.

As Eritrea and Somalia have a combined coastline of 4,300 kilometers in one of the most strategic corners of the world, Biden administration is marginally involved in the Horn of Africa issues weaponzing Human Rights, he said. For instance , Biden has accorded aggressive Anthony Blinken who is eager to make his mark on the U.S. foreign policy.

Within days of the start of the war in early November of 2020 between the TPLF and the government of Ethiopia, Blinken and Sullivan were tweeting about war crimes and ethnic cleansing by the government of Ethiopia without independent verification.

The U.S. brokered settlement also shows “protection” for Tigray, possibly a no-fly zone or the stationing of foreign troops in an area likeWolkait. A weakened central government will be kept busy for the foreseeable future, dealing with economic

 crises and responding to increasingly assertive demands of state governments and their associated militias, as to Negash. He said, “The aggressor TPLF is now regarded as a victim. No one in the international community is speaking about civilians in Amhara and Afar who are the victims of unspeakable crimes and merciless slaughtering.” He noted if the TPLF surrenders, is disarmed and its leaders are jailed or exiled, an all-inclusive national dialogue can grapple with Ethiopia’s many problems.

“But this is not likely to happen. Making the TPLF go away will not be in America’s interest. It is possible for America to orchestrate the exile of key TPLF leadership to a country such as Canada. But the key measurement for any meaningful agreement is whether the TPLF and its remnants will be officially disarmed in a verifiable way.”

He further statedthat America’s interest is putting Africa in the service of its far-flung empire, in the first place.The U.S. has created the Africa Command (AFRICOM). Africom epitomizes the militarization of US policy towards Africa. Incidentally, Camp Limonnier, the only permanent U.S. military base in Africa, is part of the Africa Command located in Djibouti. It is from this base that U.S. commander General William Zana threatened to intervene in Ethiopia on November 2021.

Secondly, white supremacy. As a 2014 Washington Post headline put it, the Western world, especially America, has a “long and ugly tradition of treating Africa as a dirty, diseased place.” In connection with existential threat on Ethiopia, what Ethiopians should do is to maintain unity and intensify “#No More” movement and the Pan-African struggle.

The January 28/2022

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