Scholar says Gov’t decision minifies Western impositions, allegations


ADDIS ABABA – The Ethiopian government’s decision to halt the army’s advance to Tigray State is of paramount importance in minifying Western impositions and the percussions of unfounded allegations, a political scholar said.

Speaking to local media, a political science scholar Bisrat Lemesa (PhD) stated that the measure taken by the government has been used as input in terms of diplomacy. The government said it can enter Tigray any time so long as it has a sovereign power to ensure peace and stability and it is able to neutralize any threat.

“The decision has great significance in terms of security and diplomacy and as far as the international community’s intervention is concerned, we have to take political, economic, military and security aspects into account.”

“Yes, a long journey is waiting for us as a number of infrastructures have been demolished and made out of use. This really requires the combined effort of all. Besides, speedy rehabilitation responses need to be applied as victims of physical and psychological trauma demand comprehensive support and care.”

The academician further noted that the government should carry out a vigilant and meticulous operation to identify TPLF leftovers and mercenaries in the newly-liberated areas and bring them to justice.

As to him, the government forces are responsible, disciplinary and shoulder public accountability. Hence, the decision is based on TPLF’s conduct. The terrorist faction could hardly stay even for a month unless it creates havoc, conflict and other misleading factors as it has lost almost all the fighters and values what the Tigray people has had for a long time.

“What they fear is the public would start auditing and seriously following up what was promised and done in aggregate; to rein this, the rebellious faction has to create a continuous conflict. Thus, the decision not to go forward to Tigray for the time being is quite right.”

“If our military starts operating in Tigray, the situation won’t take a long time as it was witnessed last year; however, in Tigray the people were wrongly preaching as if they are going to vanish, their history is going to be buried, and they have to fight for survival. Ideological uniqueness and supremacism has been inculcated in the minds of state people. That is dangerous indeed! What matters here is the decision has to be interpreted in terms of many aspects,” Bisrat emphasized.

The January 2/2022

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