Scholars call on gov’t to entertain pragmatic foreign policy


ARBA MINCH—Scholars have urged the government to come up with pragmatic foreign policy aligned with the current world order.

Ethiopia and all African countries should have foreign policy aiming at defending their own interests in the current global political crises, said scholars.

Dilla University International Affairs Lecturer Abdu Muhammad (PhD) stated that the global politics is being run by two main pieces: the west and the rest. To this end, he said that it is high time for the African countries including Ethiopia to revise their own foreign policy.

“Ethiopia has historical diplomatic relations with both western and non-western world. thus, it would face influences from both sides. To resist such potential influences, we need to liberate our policies,” he remarked.

According to him, the current political crisis between the western and the eastern world needs to be seen carefully as both power blocks are championing to scramble African and some other countries.

“As both the west and the rest have their own interests, Africans should have pragmatic policies which can go along with ideologies of others to help both parties enjoy a win-win style,” he noted.

Likewise Arba Minch University International Affairs Lecturer Getnet Debalkie stated that the some western countries have been working against the sovereignty of Ethiopia and other African countries under the guise of international laws, but ,the law does not allow interference in a given sovereign country’s internal affairs.

“UN charter and other internationally declared principles have been violated by some powers since a number of years. Accordingly, Ethiopia should have independent foreign policy that favors African interest.”

The March 8/2022

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